Dr. Suess

"And will you succeed? Yes indeed! Yes indeed! Ninety Eight and Three Quarters guarenteed!"

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Waking up

I laid down this morning, to take a nap. I'd promised a fellow lupie that I would nap today. She's worried about me wearing down & not taking enough care of myself. (what? who? me? Never!) So, I lay down, and it's 42* outside. I crawl under my electric blanket and a comforter, and a quilt in my flannel jammies. I snuggle under the electric blanket and pretend it's one big heating pad for my aching joints and I drift off to sleep. I had some odd dreams about basket ball games. I have a bad habit of not being able to sleep in the day without background noise, I had the TV on, so March Madness was on. It wasn't when I fell asleep, but at some point, it came on and invaded my dreams. Had it been any other sport but basketball, I'd probably had enjoyed it more. I hate basketball!!!! Ok, so I watch March Madness, but that's beside the point! The dreams are strange and they involve basketball and the email I sent to my doctor about my latest symptoms that are relatively new. She's mad at me in the dream for not going to the ER and she's chasing me around the basketball court. OK ..first, I can't see her doing that, second, I can't run. Third, she wears heels, could SHE run? Anyway, after a couple of hours, I wake up, I am DRENCHED in sweat. My hair is soaking wet. My Pj's are soaked, I am absolutely drenched. My sheets on the bed need changed, my pillow cases need changing, I should probably wash my pillows. I am SOAKED. I could not have gotten wetter had I stepped into the shower. (yes, (I've done that in my sleep, but no, it's always woke me up, so I don't think that's what this was). So, being a 40 year old woman, my first thought is Great! Hot flashes, just what I need! No, it's not th first hot flash, nor is it the first time I've experienced a night sweat type experience ... but it certainly was the most severe. I get up, I change clothes, I change the sheets on the bed, and I walk into the living room. I'm still sweating. Geesh, it's hot, when will this hot flass stop? So, I get on line, I happen to look at the temperature ... 85* WHAT!!!!!!! ok ...soooo I look around, the windows are closed, no fans running ... whew! it's not me! (tomorrow's projected high is 56*, yesterdays was 51*, have I ever said that extreme changes in temperature flare my autoimmune diseases more than anything? UGH)


  1. Wow! That is beyond extreme. I hope things mellow out a bit for you. Bless your heart...and your internal thermastat!

  2. LOL, I just love this story! It sounds like something I would do! In fact, I left a window open yesterday, was airing out the house, turned the heat down because I was hot flashing, and woke up freezing! Forgot I left the window open, LUPIE FOG!! Hopefully it warms up before my son wakes up, he's grumpy in the morning! LOL
    Might be time to put the electric blankie down for the season dearie!