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Thursday, March 31, 2005

5Q4 Questions for Deneice

Pearls and Dreams
My second taker on the interview is Deneice at the Journey, her answers will be found here when she gets the questions and gets them answered. Deneice, the one at the bottom was sarcastic, and doesn't really need to be answered! ;)
1. In the 5 years that we have been friends, I have seen you in prayer ministry, youth ministry & now children's ministry. I know where your heart is, but for the sake of this interview, pretend I don't. If you could set up a ministry from the ground up, and God guarenteed you of earthly success (funding, support, place) what would it be? And what would you do to ensure it was a spiritual success as well as an earlthy success?

2. When you see God face to face, and he says "Well done, thou good and faithful servant" (and I assure you, my friend, he will!) What is going to be your response? What would you like your response to be?

3. What is YOUR dream for the kids in your ministry that you're touching today? What about future kids?

4. You're getting ready to go to a conference, what do you expect to take away from that conference that will help you in your ministry? In your personal life?

5. What is the best vacation you have ever taken, and why?

6. bonus question ... why can't your friend Pk follow directions and just ask one question per number? ;)


  1. Still taking volunteers to be interviewed? This is fun... I'm game if you are, Peggy.

  2. My blog has been playing hide and seek with me for a couple of days, I will get your questions to you, but it may take a day or two, I will let you know when I have them up. I think, I already have a couple brewing in my head for you (grin)

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