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Thursday, March 31, 2005

5Q4 Questions for Dangerous Mind

Pearls and Dreams

Ok, here ya go .... Dangerous Mind is my first taker on my turn to interview, so here are his interview questions. Look for his answers here.

1 You make no attempt to hide your diagnosis of bi polar, how has that helped you and hurt you in today's society that his just starting to acknowlege that these things should not be swept under the carpet?

2. A while back, you stayed home from work and played games with your kids. You seemed taken by surprise by how much that was enjoyable to you. What is your favorite part of being a parent, husband, family man? What would you change if you could? What quality do you have that they pass down to their own families?

3. You obviously use humor to deal with very difficult issues in your life. Do you ever use humor to bury issues to keep you from having to deal with those issues?(denial)

4. Why did you choose the career you do? What career would you have chosen if you knew then what you know now? What things are your favorite about your career, what things would you enjoy about the career not taken?

5. What one thing do you hope to be able to say on your death bed that you were able to do in this life? (how 'bout that, just one question for that question!)

1 comment:

  1. Great questions.

    But I thought you said there were 5 questions:-) Looks like nine to me.

    I was on a course Thursday evening so havenot had a chance to answer any yet.

    But check back Saturday afternoon and I will have posted a response to at least some of the questions by then.