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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Home Again

Pearls and Dreams

Don is home again. His white blood cell count has returned to normal. The doctor wants to see him back in her office in 2 weeks & then she will schedule him for the stress test. He agreed to do it.

We were not 4 miles from the hospital when he started to say that he saw no need for the stress test, she can find out what she needs to know from a blood test & that if the stress test was so important ... they'd have done it while he was in the hospital. Can I scream yet?

If he does not do it, I swear, if he has a stroke, the man is going into a nursing home!

Fortamet is STILL making me horrifylingly sick! I guess I should call the endocrinologist. Dr. S (primary) gave me (quite reluctantly might I add) some phenergan to help deal with the Fortamet ...it did nothing toward helping with the side effects, it just made me sleepy & made me have nightmares that I was on a rollercoaster that I couldn't get off. So, I was sleeping, the gastroentestinal pain & nausea was continuing and interferring with my sleep!!! I looked at the website for Fortamet, it says MILD gastro discomfort, this is NOT mild. I had the roto virus 6 years ago and it was not this bad!
The other dream I've been having, but it's been going on for a couple of weeks, is from a childhood accident. Stupid newscast I saw on CBS triggered it. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/02/17/earlyshow/living/ConsumerWatch/main674650.shtml I, for once in my life, was NOT goofing off, and fell at the bottom of a department store escalator. It was before the 'teeth' were turned in, to prevent accidents such as mine. Everytime I see one of these reports, about every 5 to 7 years, the nightmares start up again. My memories consist mostly of falling, then being in a dressing room, where mom was being handed a change of clothes for me, as well as some bandages, compliments of the store, and then mom looking at my white shorts that no longer had a bottom to them, and the eges were BRIGHT pink. My husband wonders why with MG & Lupus I will walk to long distances to find an elevator ... not taking the escalator ... I'd do the stairs first!

My pastor came by when I was napping today. A man (whom I have actually known for about 8 years) came to our church for help. He's deaf and in need of financial help. He said he'd come to church, but he can't hear. My pastor came out if I could/would interpret. Gee Randy, put me on the spot why don't ya!! (grin) I haven't interpreted in 18 years, Richard has only been deaf about 10 and is just now learning sign, I didn't even KNOW he knew sign!
He didn't know I knew sign (which is weird, because it's no secret) and I'm sure he knows ASL & I know 'Pigeon' kind of a cross between ASL & Signed Exact English. I don't know if I have the endurance to do this ...especially for Sunday School AND church, which is what he's wanting me to do ... we'll see. I told Richard he'd have to be patient (which is not Richard's strong suit) and realize that I've not interpreted for years. Soooooo ... we'll see how deep my interpretting skills were ingrained on my brain before I got sick. We'll see ... this could be interesting.

My house was a MESS ... ugh. I swear I'm getting ready to throw the laundry pile away!!!

I didn't pull music today. I'm just too worn out & wasn't feeling well enough, Carla called and said she could do it and I let her.

I'm watching Wife Swap ... too funny.

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