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Monday, March 28, 2005

May Not get to much blogging today?

Pearls and Dreams

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter and was able to celebrate it with the families & friends they love.

Well, I'm on my way out the door to Physical Therapy, not sure how much I'll get done there, my knee is not taped, and the skin where the knee is normally taped is scabbed, the tape took skin with it again. Sigh, this tape is not supposed to do that. Leave it to Lupie (lupus) skin to act differently. So far I've tried to do PT 3 times without tape and all 3 times have popped it out. I've only got 3 sessions of PT left, and I'm not sure I'm willing to risk re injury at this point. Next week, I start paying $25 a month for the after care program, which means I go in and can work out as often as I want YES!!!!! Full access to their equipment just like a gym ... yahhoo!

Then I go to the doctor's office to get yet another blood test to check my blood work from last week that was abnormal ... WBC's are not behaving themselves for the 3rd month in a row ... this is a problem with immunosuppresants ... and it's got me a bit nervous, immunosuppressants are high risk drugs, but they are a high yield drug too, they've given me my life back!

Then I take my children to the eye doctor where they get to explain to him why both who have pretty hefty eye glass prescriptions look like this :
Do you see glasses on those faces?

Both boys told me last night to remind them this morning to find their glasses so they could take them to school with them so they had them at the eye doctors ... HA!!!!! No waY!!! You remember, fine ... but they didn't HAHHAHAHAHAHA

I'm so mean!!!!

anyway ...don't know when I'll make it back ... hope everyone has a wonderful day!! Happy Blogging!


  1. I know what it is like never wanting to wear the glasses but I also know it was and is my job to keep up with the glasses

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