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Saturday, March 19, 2005

For Fun

Pearls and Dreams

I borrowed this from LUANNE because I really liked it. It seemed like a fun thing to answer. I would like to read your answers. If you want to, answer in your journal and leave me the link in the comments sections below. Or just send me an email. Thanks! God bless You!

Act your age – 40

Breast size – 40 B ...much better than the 36 ii that it was until 9 am March 18, 2002. I'd glady take the 36 back though (grin) Getting there ... NICE and SLOW this time.

Chore you hate – LAUNDRY

Dad's name – Bill

Essential make up item – Sun screen (frown says the former sun worshipper)

Favorite singer – Michael W. Smith

Gold or silver - Gold

Instruments you play – Used to play clarinet ...badly

Job title – Wife, Mother, Daughter, Friend, Sister, Friend , Patient,Church Volunteer, Poet, Writer,

Kisses, what kind do you prefer? CHOCOLATE

Living Arrangements –Mobile home, with husband, two sons, 3 cats, Sugarfoot, Donut & Twitch. Newspaper & Bear went to their new home today :( My mom's house.

Favorite meats? Grilled Salmon

Number of people you've slept with- 2 ...husband & ex husband

Overnight hospital stays – 22 hospital stays ... with at least 4 of them 10 days or more, Last one June 2003. Hopefully, I can postpone this knee surgery until June, just to make it a full 2 years! (wonder if the orthopod will buy that as an excuse?) Wait, 22 stays between 1989 & now, plus my tonsils out when I was 7, and my ovarian cyst when I was 15 ... so I guess that's 24 stays.

Packing habits (for moving/vacation) – JUST THROW STUFF IN A BOX/SUITCASE AND GO.

Quote you like - The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. OR To give support to people to become fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

Religious affiliation – Christian

Siblings – 1 sister, 1 brother, 1 step brother, 2 step sisters, 1 step sister & 1 step brother have passed away.

Time you wake up – Depends on what kind of night I've had and what I have to do the next day, but usually about 6:30ish

Underwear of choice nunya business!

Vegetable you refuse to eat– BROCCOLI!!!!

Worst habit -coffee or hiding from people

X-rays you have had – don't know a part I haven't had xrayed ... hypermobile joints mean I've sprained about everything that moves!

Yummy food you make – Enchilada casserole or orange chicken.

Zodiac Sign – I was born under scorpio but don't hold to any of that stuff.

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