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Monday, March 07, 2005

More Photos

Pearls and Dreams

My sons ... who have no doubt that they are totally cool!

I'm holding Twitch & Newspaper wearing a precious necklace that a friend made for me. It's made from onyx, tiger eye, jade, jasper, tourquoise. Real stones, not beads. I don't think I'd ever had anything so valuable.


So much for cool, these cats melt their hearts! Samuel is holding Aunt Sugarfoot & Newspaper. Benjamin is holding Twitch & Bear.
Tell me, do you not think it's ironic that two kids with Tourette's Syndrome wound up with a cat that has tics? (actually, he twitches, which is how he got his name, I just call them tics cause I think it's funnier than all get out!)


Everywhere Aunt Sugarfoot goes, she finds kittens (Newspaper & Twitch) sleeping in her spot.


  1. The cats are adorable! I love cats, but sadly I'm way too allergic to them to actually keep them as pets. At the apartment, we have quite a few that live under the deck (our neighbors leave food outside), and I love watching them during the day!

  2. great photos - the boys are definitely the coolest i've ever seen. No michael jackson sentiments implied, however!

  3. ROFLMHO ... ok, my mind would not have gone there, but, that was funny!

    I'm not telling the 15 year old you thought he was cool ... he thinks he's cool enough!

    They are both quite the character's and polar opposites of each other.
    younger one's work ethic! It is definitely never boring!