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Friday, March 18, 2005

Good Gravy Beans!

Ok, today, I had to fill out a form for social security, they wanted to know if I am still disabled. I had to fill out all my doctors appointments & medications for the last 6 months. I'm not going to list them all by appointment here, but I thought I'd list all my types of doctor's and dx's & rx's

Ok, ready?

Primary care




(why? I don't know)
Opthamologist (this one added saturday morning, haven't seen him in 2 years, oops, how often am I supposed to see him you ask? Every year when I'm not on immunosuppressants & or prednisone, every 6 months I am, as you can see from my med list, I'm on both... oops. I have calls to make on Monday!)

My diagnosis' are :

Myasthenia Gravis (neuromuscular autoimmune disease effecting all voluntary muscles)
Lupus, (systemic inflammatory disease, effecting my joints, neurological system & pleurisy, mouth sores, possible pericarditis, though, I doubt it)
Hypermobile Joint Syndrome, (genetic disorder where my joints can go way beyond what they should be able to, I can rest my thumb flat on my forearm)
Insulin Resistance, (not sure how to explain this one, too new of a diagnosis, google it)
PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome, (related to Insulin resistance, causes multiple cysts on my ovaries)
(gastro esophogeal reflux disease? disorder? severe because of the years of bulimia, scars up and down my esophgus & multiple ulcer scars in my stomach)
Pyloric Spasm, (the pylorus, or valve at the bottom of my stomach doesn't work right, it spasms, this is probably from damage to my eating disorder, too many years of bulimia & laxatives, although, my son has it, so they are not sure, however, I never had symptoms of it till I 32, he was born with them)
Eating Disorder-NOS, (25 years, Started at 14 with anorexia, started with bulimia at 17, Insulin resistance entered the picture around 24 (just diagnosed this year) and started with severe weight problems which led to massive weight gains and losses, between 1989 & 2000, if you add my gains and losses together, I had 1284 pounds of weight changes, when I entered treatment for the first time at age 36)
hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol)
abnormal mamogram ..not cancerous ..but can't remember the diagnosis.
note: remembered part of it ... something Calcification ... that's why they sent me to the oncologist, which I still don't understand, just because the mamogram was abnormal, but it wasn't cancer? I don't get it, still don't get it. Don't think I'll ever get it! Oh well. I keep forgetting to schedule my follow up mamogram, they said in July to do it in January, but I forgot, got a post card a few weeks ago saying I hadn't done it yet, please do it and I keep forgetting. I remember about this time at nite (9:30 pm) to schedule it ... no good. Somehow, I have to remember to schedule it Monday. But, again, if it's not cancer, why the need for a follow up mamogram at less than a year?


Mestinon 600mgs a day (symptom controlling for Myasthenia)
Cellcept 3000 mgs a day (immunosuppressant)
Prednisone 5 mgs a day (immunosuppressant/anti inflammatory)
Celebrex 600 mgs a day OR Bextra 20 mgs a day (anti inflammatory)
Ultracet (non narcotic pain killer)
Zyrtec D ...5 mg (anti histimine)
Prevacid 30 mg (anti ulcer drug ...forgot the technical term)
Topomax ..50 mg (anti seizure drug being used to prevent migraines, controlling lupus headaches, not preventing migraines, but we'll be increasing the dose up to 100 mgs a day as soon as my Fortamet drug is settled into my system)
Ambien... 10 mg (sleep, blessed sleep drug)
Advair ...250/50 (asthma inhaler)
Atrovent (inhaler to prevent fluid build up on lungs as a side effect of Mestinon)
Prozac 60 mg (anti depressant)
Vytorin 10/20 mg (anti cholesterol for my 310 total cholesterol)
Fortamet 1000 mg (supposed to be on 2000 mg, not tolerating it well at all, time released glucophage for the insuline resistance)
Darvocet N 100 PRN (narcotic pain reliever ...milder than lortab)
Frova PRN (migraine med)

Then add to that ... physical therapist, eating disorder therapist & nutritionist.
I wonder what social security will say? I've seen all of these people at least once in the last 6 months, most of them more than once (gyno, oncologist are the only ones I've seen only once)

So far this year, all my therapy appts (ED & PT) and doctor appointments, have been a total of 36 appointments. That's for me! Add the appointments I've gone to with my kids & mom & husband it's 52 appointments for 2005. I didn't include the blood test only appointments or Don's hospitalization (5 days)

Good grief! No wonder I was a bit overwhelmed yesterday!!!

I'm spending as much time at doctor's offices as doctor's are!!!!!! (just kidding any docs reading this! )

Tomorrow, I am going to write about nothing health related. Not sure what, but it's going to be faith related, I have several things brewing in this brain of mine.

Edited this Saturday morning because I got a few emails asking what was what on some of the diagnosis' and medications.

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