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Friday, March 11, 2005

Computer frustration & Myasthenic Smiles

Ok, for the last few days, everytime I go to post something, I get a message that the page didn't work. Then I hit refresh & it tells me I can't do that. I have to wait hours to find out if it did, in fact, publish my post or not. Half of the time, the post shows up, half the time, it doesn't. It makes blogging rather strange. Yesterday, I tried to blog about having what I call an invisible illness. My frustration with my husband's inability to tell when I'm really tired, and worn out. I told a girlfriend, who was shocked and informed me that my illness is NOT invisible, the Myasthenia is very apparent on my face and is visible when I get tired. I said "Yea, when I get REAL tired." She, then, informed me that I don't have to get 'real tired' but that it shows in stages. She said after she and I get to giggling, my smile doesn't smile right for an hour or so. My eyes droop in the evenings (say WHAT? I thought they only did that when I got sick!) and that the muscles in my face look flat when I am fatigued. So much for me thinking I'm lucky enough to not look like a myasthenic! I guess it's just my husband that's clueless. All this time, I thought my mom was being just over protective & a worry wort and now I found out I can be 'read'. I asked a few other people, my pastor & his wife, and a couple of others. They looked at me like I was crazy and they said "Yes, when you get even a little tired, it shows all over your face and you walk different" OH. Hmmm so why doesn't hubby see it? Anyway, I thought I'd post a couple of pictures where it doesn't show and compare it to the one my son took a couple of weeks ago while Don was in the hospital ... this was me dressed up for a Vacation Bible School ... I realize I live in Oklahoma, but no, we really don't dress like this on a regular basis. PkVBS This was me when I was in a church Christmas musical. I played the church organist (spinster) and the setting was 1905 Iowa. My character's name was Cornelia Washborn. I had an obnoxious laugh and was sure I was really in charge, not the pastor. closeup4tickets This is the picture taken while Don was in the hospital. (same one as below with kittens) The one below it was taken a couple of weeks before that at a party for my mother, it's not quite as clear much harder to see, but thought I'd throw it in anyway. 2264893-R1-006-1A Pkmomsreception2005> Looking at these, I can't tell, does it really show? Are my friends just perceptive? Have I been in denial about being 'invisible'? Or is it subtle and it really takes someone paying attention and therefore it's a combination of both????? Ok, now to hit publish and see if this actually shows up today.

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