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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Today's Physical therapy Session

Pearls and Dreams

Well, I had to get a record of what my Pt involved today for the heart monitor people ... here's what I did today :
Walking ... 6 minutes ... 7 laps
Bike ... 6 minutes (it has a target thing, with 4 bars of light, I consistantly kept it between 7 & 8 bars of light)
Total Gym(the Chuck Norris machine) 6 minutes (highest angle)
Step Ups ...20 x
Squats on wobble board ...20 front ..no hanging on ... both hands were on hips!
20 side ... 1 finger held on
Balance computer ... 20 seconds ... 3 reps eyes open, 3 eyes closed.
Leg Press ... 2 legs 70# ... 3 sets of 20
1 leg 35 # ... 3 sets of 20 (I was supposed to do 3 sets of 10 but PT wasn't watching me and I did 3 sets of 20 instead (grin)
TKE .... 70# ... 50 reps
Vectors (pure evil !!!) .. 30 seconds each position, 1 set
Wall squats ... 1 set of 20 (tried to do 2, PT caught me)
Hamstring Curls ... on stomach, face down ...
2 legs ..... 30# ..2 sets of 20
1 leg ... 15 # 1 set of 20, 1 set of 15 (then the weight slammed my leg down without my permission!I guess my leg was done at 15#) 10# 1 set of 5 to get the full 20 repititions (PT asked me if I had OCD at that point!)
Leg Extentions ... 2 legs ...40# 2 sets of 20 ( supposed to be 2 sets of 15)
1 leg ... 15# 2 sets of 15 (I wanted to do 20# he wouldn't let me and he stood there and counted my last sets)

Well, the pain has not lessened AT ALL. It still hurts like the dickens, so I guess I'm not saved from surgery. I know, the surgeon said I only had a 2% chance of PT keeping me from needing surgery, but hey, it's me ... I was hopin! Anyway, the point of PT was to strengthen my leg muscles so that I could better recover from surgery. That, I think we're doing. I'm having a ball. I really enjoy working out. I've missed it since I've gotten sick. I have to figure out how to keep doing this ... hmmmmm


  1. i feel sore just reading it! you can do it, though. hang in there!

  2. Thanks!

    I really enjoy doing this. I don't think you're supposed to enjoy Physical therapy. If my PT would leave off those blankety blank blank balance exercises ... I'd be in hog heaven!!

    I loved working out before I got sick. Thirteen years ago, conventional medical wisdom to myasthenics was "Don't EXERCISE" period, end of discussion.
    Now they've learned that myasthenics pay a huge cost in joint damage, more than they risk in myasthenic crisis risk.
    So about 5 years ago, they started to tell myasthenics, light exercise, but do NOT get short of breath.
    I think that's still the mantra, I haven't asked. I have no intention of asking my neuro LOL
    I love this, I recover my breathing with in an hour or so of therapy. (shhh ... my neuro would not like that length of time)
    but it DOES recover)
    I was fairly athletic before I got sick, I always loved exercising ... so this is just plain fun.

    If only it'd worked to avoid the surgery! Then all would be right in PT world!