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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Undoing Emails ....

I am posting in orange in honor of Oklahoma State University, Big 12 Conference Champions! Next game is NCAA championships. GO POKES! ................................................. Ok, now for the purpose of my blogging today. Have you ever sent an email and then wished you hadn't done it? Wished you could undo it? Wished you could take it back? This last week, I was reminded on a Dr. Charles' blog that I can email my doctor. I've had an annoying problem that I am pretty sure that I know what the cause of the problem is. However, I'm not 100% sure. I'm ...say 90% sure. Maybe even 98% sure. Wait, I'm 98% sure it's Lupus, I'm only 90% sure it's pleurisy. So, I email my doctor and tell her about the chest pain I've been having. I'm sure to remind her that I've been put through the ringer in the past with cardiac testing and that it's always come back 'text book normal'. But, the chest pain is left side, and it comes with palpatations and some shortness of breath. Any lupus patient with pleurisy will tell you that having pleurisy can also be accompanied with palpetations & shortness of breath. So, I was hurting when I sent it. Now the pain that's left is pretty much minor and most of the chest pain is costochondritis, which has nothing to do with the left side chest pain ... and I'm wishing I hadn't emailed her. I am 90% sure it's just plain old garden variety lupus pleurisy. There is a slight possibility that it could be lupus pericarditis. It's that blasted 2 % what if this is caused by my 310 cholesterol level thought running through my brain that made me send that blasted email! WHY did I send it!!! I would give anything to get it back. My concerns ... being put through a bunch of testing. I am SOOOOO tired of going through test after test after test ...geesh, in the last 4 months I've been diagnosed with Insulin resistance, melanoma (on my NOSE) and a knee cap that won't stay in place & needs surgery. I don't want any more blessed tests! I'm tired of testing that comes back showing nothing and even more tired of testing that comes back showing problems!


  1. This sounds so much like my hub. Over our 26 yrs of marriage, he has been sent several times for different and expensive testings. 98% of those have come back inconclusive and run up bills we couldn't afford. Something very serious could be going on with him and it will kill him because he refuses to go for more of "their stupid tests."

    I'll never understand the system. Why can't it just be or not be.

    I hope you can find some resolution.

  2. I wish I was at 98% inconclusive! well, not really, but ... I wish I was at 98% negative ...
    I'm a bit nervous at being sent to a cardiologist so soon.
    I can't remember the last time I've been sent to a specialist the very NEXT day after the doctor got the note. (I sent the email to her work email not her home email, on purpose ... I know I'm getting a lecture on that one when she sees me again)

    I'm having trouble breating tonight, my guess, this time IS anxiety. or MG from not sleeping ... 4 am, been up since 6 am yesterday.