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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Rusty, still able

Pearls and Dreams

Well, I did it. The guy showed up at church today. For Sunday School, he didn't stay for church. I was soo tired, I can't say I was sorry. Maybe next week he'll come for Church instead of Sunday school. Not sure which I'd rather do, I know both would be difficult.

I started off by taking him to the Pastor's Sunday School class. I had, wrongly, assumed that's where Pastor R wanted him to go. Pastor R looked like a deer caught in the headlights as he said "this isn't a good class for him, try K's or L's" We finally decided on P's class who was doing the book Boundries. Something the visiting man definitely could use in his life.

It was hard for me. I'm out of step with interpreting and being the professional. I had several comments to make during the class ...several. But, as an interpretter, yes, even in a church setting, it is unprofessional to participate. You simply are there to relay what is being said, not to be part of the process. I guess that was drilled in deep enough, because I was able to bite my tongue to keep from commenting. (Except whem my mother would comment in class and I couldn't understand a word she was saying ..then I said "MOM! I can't hear you!!" But the guest knew that was my mom ...and he laughed at one point ..sooooo)

I think I probably was able to get acrossed 80 to 90% of what was being said. I think I signed the word 'boundries' wrong. I've looked it up in the sign dictionary and it's not there! I left the dictionary at church, so I'll have to wait till tomorrow to pick it up to look up some synonymns. He still seemed to understand what I meant. BUT I think I was signing "organized" or "plans" instead of "boundries" whoops. I was mouthing the words, he was given a copy of the book, so hopefully he got it figured out.
Either that, or I looked like a complete ijit.

I still haven't figured out his sign capabilities. He sighed heavily during several points, but they were all points that were things that I know for a fact are area's that he struggles with on a personal level. SOOO was he frustrated with my signing or unhappy at what he was being told? I'm thinking the latter.
We'll see.

Overall, I was ok with my second interpreting experience in 18 years. I really wish I could turn back the clock and gotten certified when you didn't need a degree & when everyone was telling me to do it. I simply don't have the endurance to do it now for a living to pay off the degree ... but if I was already certified, it would be nice to be able to use it as a part time thing. To help or whatever.

I also learned something about me and signing today. I do not have the PASSION for it I thought I had. I have the passion for language, and worship ...and sign is another form of language that makes me think about my worship more intently. Interpretting, didn't bring back the fire in me that I had when I was learning it.
It brought fire ..but a painful one in my fingers and shoulders!!!
I'm glad I've got some Darvocets!!!!!

Amazing how things change. When I was 11, I wanted nothing more than to be a doctor. When I was 17, I'd given up wanting to be a doctor and decided I was going to be an interpreter. At 25 I got sick. At 40, I've HUGE regrets that I did not become a doctor and only slightly regretting not becoming a certified interpreter, and that only because I can't do it now without great expense, not because I really want to do it.

Odd how things change.

Our church just finished doing "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. I know some find the book to be controversial. I find the book to be fantastic and life affirming. It's not about me ...it's about the God whom I serve and the fact that I have so many health problems is not lost on Him, or his Grace ..and he intends for me to use that to help someone else face similar issues.

I think that it is amazing how much time has gone by in my life while I just let it swing by ... and how little charge I took. Granted, I was in survival mode for years, being sick, taking care of sick kids & sick spouse, but not a lot has changed except for my attitude. In some ways, my health is worse (my muscles are stronger now than 10 years ago, but other things are much worse). My kids are no longer immune deficient ..by last blood tests their IgG subclass 2's had reached into the normal range, barely, my oldest by 4 points, my youngest ON the lowest acceptable number!... but still it's there, in the normal range! The lack of number of antibiotics & strep throat diagnosis's coming out to the car with us testifies to the accuracy of the lab work too.
But, they still have TS/ OCD & ADHD ...and the youngest still has special education problems & learning problems that the school is not addressing. My husbands health is definitly worse off (although, I think it could be better if he'd actually LISTEN to the docs, do the tests, take the meds & do the physical therapy they recommend, accept the oxygen and go into a wheelchair as recommended)

But, my mind set is better ... the problems, though consistant and continuing ... and sometimes pretty severe ... are not the focus ... my service at my church is. Getting the house through Habitat for Humanity is. Working toward helping others is the focus and I get frustrated only when my body stops me from doing for others.

I know not everyone has faith, I know not everyone believes. I wish they did, but they don't. I can only say that I do, and I'm glad I do ..and for those who say that religeon is a crutch ..well, those with a broken leg need a crutch ... my faith is what sustains me and guides me and leads me ... and it works for me. Hopefully, what people see in my faith is the joy that I have, not a responsibility that makes me dull or lifeless or boring or a prude. Hopefully ... they will see that I am human, and I make mistakes, and but that I believe in God ...and I am simply trying to be the best Peggikaye that He wants me to be ..that he's called me to be.

I'm rambling again, so I'll close for now. One of these days I may have to write a book book instead of just the devotional book I'm trying to get published.


  1. A few years ago, when life changed for me, I considered going to school to become an interpreter. I don't think it's ever going to happen.

  2. I've considered it off and on throughout the years. Yesterday (and even more so today) has me convinced that I'm glad I didn't spend my money on it.

    It's a great skill to have. I love to be able to sign to music. I love to able to help in a pinch in the grocery store, a resteraunt ... and yes, at church.

    But physically, I just couldn't do this full time. I'd have spent a lot of money on it to not be able to do it.

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