Dr. Suess

"And will you succeed? Yes indeed! Yes indeed! Ninety Eight and Three Quarters guarenteed!"

Friday, April 15, 2011


A few nights ago, I was unable to sleep. That, in and of itself is not uncommon at all. I was trying to figure out in my mind what my next steps in school should be. I started to think of all the classes I've had to repeat ...

those from when I went to school when I was too sick to be there and now i needed to repair my GPA

Developmental Psych
Humanities 2
Computer concepts

Those that I had to repeat because of my math issues
Beginning algebra
Intermediate algebra
Intermediate algebra

And those that I had to repeat because NSU told me to take classes at TCC and then did not allow the credits to transfer ..but they were still required.
Child Psych
Personality Theories

and all the extra time that it took and realized
if not for all the repeating ..
I'd be graduating in a month.

Wow, I've got 3 semesters to go but I theoretically *could* be graduating this semester if not for the time taken up taking these classes (let's not even start to talk about the money!)

Benjamin walked into my room and saw my face and asked what was wrong and I told him.

He quietly said
"yeah, and if my IEP had been followed and if I hadn't repeated any classes, I'd be graduating in a month too"


he's not said anything about not being in school, not being able to finish, but obviously it is bothering him.

And really ..what is 3 semesters? it's time, it's money and I'll be a year and a half older than planned when I finally get through, but the truth is, in a year and a half I'll still be 48 no matter if I'm working on my masters or finishing my bachelors ..and those 3 semesters won't prevent me from getting my masters and they very well may have me better prepared for my masters.

But my son? his lost opportunities? those will be much harder to bounce back from.

That is the true frustration.