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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Note to self

Pearls and Dreams

When you're having trouble swallowing, and you're taking your nightly medications ...remember, with MG the more you do it, the worse it's going to get ... first take Mestinon, wait 20 min, then take rest of medications
second ... take prednisone FIRST .. .prednisone disolving in the back of the mouth top of the throat ... is just plain NASTY!!!!! YIKES!!!!!

Second note to self ...
you have lupus related memory glitches ... take all your medications in one place, do not walk around house with medication bottles.


I don't think my body is going to like not taking my 40 mgs tonight!I'm pretty sure this is one of those drugs you're not supposed to do this with. whoops.

Here prozac ...here nice prozac (said in here kitty kitty sing song)

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