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Monday, January 31, 2005

Pearls and Dreams

Pearls and Dreams

And once again, Pk is reminded of her stubborn streak that caused her to refuse to take algebra and thus giving up the dream she'd had since she was 3 about becoming a doctor. Fifteen year olds, really should not be allowed to throw away dreams. Forty year olds will have to regret what the 15 year old did.

Take the quiz: "What is your ideal job?"

Doctor / Nurse
Your ideal career is one in the medical area, It's great pay, if you can make it through years of university!


  1. Oh man, I know what you mean. Did something similar at 15 then again at 18. All kids should be *made*, no, forced, to get a servicable high-school diploma. What they do afterwards is their business. At least they´ll have a way to jump back in the wagon once they sowed their wild oats.

  2. True. I never sowed any wild oats persay ... I was one of those proverbial 'goodie two shoes' ..great grades, great extra cirrucular activities. I just refused to show my work (I could do it faster and easier my own way, why should I do it their way?). So, I in one 5 minute conversation changed my goal that I'd had since I was 3, to become a doctor, and decided to become 'non college prep'
    When I enrolled in college at age 23, after 5 years of waiting tables ... I was only missing algebra. All other requirements were met.

    Now I'm 40, and I'm not healthy enough to do what I want to do. No way I'd be able to go to medical school. I have the interest, I have the brain ... I don't have the physical capability and accomodations can't be made for extreme fatigue from MG & Lupus.

    Kids don't have the forsight to make those decisions.

  3. Hi- I have a 15 yr old and also still remember back to the cavewoman days when I was that age... I took your quiz but it worked for the left brain part of me: (came out dr.), but not for what I love to do the most. Those choices weren't there. Hmm. That can be real life for young teens and adults.
    Dreaming Again , I can relate to your comments in almost a parallel fashion, although I don't have conditions as severe as MG and Lupus. I have other immuno-def. ones. Keep dreaming though! Some of those dreams can come to fruition even if only partly or in a different way. I feel for you. If dream because I must... Anyone here,feel free to stop by "Good Vibrations" in my corner of blogland "Over the Rainbow."

  4. My ideal job would be getting paid for being a small-town sage. But the newspaper already has a editor. - woody

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