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Monday, February 07, 2005

Pearls and Dreams

Pearls and Dreams

I'm tired
I'm not supposed to ever eat a meal again
can ya hear my brain running away with that one?
I'm supposed to 'graze' all day, eat small portions, bits an pieces, servings at a time, not whole meals
no foods off limits
exercise is not only allowed, but required
he's already talked to neuro & rheumy !! YEA!

he said that when you make insulin, your body uses it in insulin receptors, when the receptor is used, it's used, and it's gone, your body is supposed to create another one
my antibodies prevent me from making new receptors
so I make all this insulin, and it has no where to go
so it stores the insulin ..in fat cells
in my thighs, butt and arms
he said if a normal breakfast for me is 2 eggs, toast, a yogurt, and 2 slices bacon ... and I eat it at 8 am ...
then I need to eat the 1 egg at 7:30
1 slice of toast at 8:15
yogurt at 9
slice of toast at 9:45
another egg at 10:30
bacon slices at 11:15
then start lunch at 12
so basically eating one serving, or half a serving every 45 min to an hour through out the day

do you have any idea how crazy this is going to make me?

he said that if your insulin stops producing, and it gets a break, then when it revs up, it overproduces
it has to be a slow steady production
slow steady small meals, slow steady small production of insulin.

He started me on Metformin. I start out on one pill a day, for a week, then 2 pills a day for a week, then 3 pills a day for a week, then 4 pills a day forever. He said Avandia may be in my future, but with all my other meds and health history, he wants to see how my body tolerates this first.

He said I have the full blown metabolic disorder. He'd gotten my records from my former Gyno, and I have the polycystic ovarian syndrome, the high tryglicerides, the obesity & the insulin resistance. I don't have coronary disease or the high blood pressure ..but those would be around the corner if we didn't get this under control. So we are very blessed in finding it this way through lab work than through symptoms or heart problems.

He also emphasized that it is NOT a weightloss plan, but an insulin controlling plan. Weightloss will simply be a side benifit, not the goal. (turkey doc had me pegged already)


  1. Good Luck, that's what they told my wife to do to control diabetes. It's worked well so far. - woody

  2. Thanks. I am really hoping that if I can get control of this, diabetes is not in my future, but if I don't get control, diabetes is a guarentee.

    I do NOT want that. I am needle phobic and monthly blood tests are bad enough! Having to do it daily, would push me over the edge!!