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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Starting Physical Therapy on knee

Pearls and Dreams

6 minutes on the recumbant bike.

50 (FIFTY) bio feedback ... he put electrodes on my knee and had me contract the muscle. When I started, I was hitting between 75 and 100. By the time I hit 50, I was in the 20's ... classic MG .

Then did 20 leg lifts with the leg lift thingy ... black strap with colored bobbles on it ... I use a belt to do that exercise at home.

Then he had me do 20 stair steps.

Here's the one that really had me laughing, cause I could DO IT ... 20 SQUATS ...I DID SQUATS!!! 20 ... a whole set of 20 without a break! ON A WOBBLE BOARD! He then asked me how I was holding up and I said I was getting a bit tired and he said "Well, let's call it that for today." (to which another PT patient in the room called foul play cause when he says he's tired they make him work harder. The PT students looked MORTIFIED that he was saying that. We all just ignored him.)

I go back in today and friday. Then MWF for the next month.

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