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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Hospitals & Rest

Pearls and Dreams

Last weeks Grand Rounds talked about someone's wife being in the hospital and not getting any rest. First thing my husband said when I got there today was "Why don't they let you sleep here?"

HA! Not a chance!

Last night they were taking his vitals every 2 hours. They came in and drew blood 3 times. They gave him a breathing treatment every 4 hours. (not coinciding with vitals, or blood work mind you) and they came in and weighed him ... either he's lost weight, or the hospital scale is lower than the doctor's office. The hospital has him at 92 lbs!!! That's a 6 lbs difference! He's still wearing his jeans too (why? I've not got a clue! I could never sleep in jeans).

The did a CT scan on his lungs today. They have him on a potassium IV, he says it's just preventative ... I'm not sure about that. I don't think they give potassium for prevention, I'm pretty sure you'd have to be low on potassium before giving you a postassium IV!!

They're going to keep him over the weekend, he's going to have a stress test on Monday (he can't physically do the treadmill, so they're going to use some kind of medication, not sure which, my lack of medical training is really rearing it's ugly head this weekend!!!)

I am worn out and tired. I'm home for a few minutes, blog checking & sticking a roast in the oven for the boys for dinner, then I'm going to nap. After the boys eat dinner, I'll head back up there for the evening.

I hate being in the hospital, my mom and my husband have been telling me for years that they think it's harder to be the family than the patient, which always made me mad (especially when I was in ICU in Myasthenic crisis) but after mom being sick and in the hospital last October for 4 days ... and now Don ... I've come to a conclusion ... they're right. It's harder to be the family of the patient than the patient!



  1. I hope you got some good rest! Take care-

  2. WELL ... I got off the computer, went to get something to drink, there was nothing! So I ran to Sonic to get a diet cherry limeade ... and was going to come back and lay down ..and wouldn't you know it! The computer monster kidnapped me and here I sit!!!!

  3. you're right. there's no way to rest in a hospital. it's like you have to go home to sleep and recuperate...there's lots of germs in hospitals too!

    be sure to take care of you!!!!!


  4. I pray for you strength, and rest, and joy in the midst of it all.

  5. sonic chery limeades!!!!!!

    now that's some serious medicine.

    we don't have a sonic near us...i wish we did!!!!!

  6. That's just wrong! Sonic's should be EVERYWHERE!

    I got the route 44 size ... I now know I really really don't drink that much pop,I haven't even drank 1/3 of it.

    problem is, it's the only thing I've had to drink, which probably means I'm somewhat dehydrated.

    I'll be pushing the fluids (non soda's) today to make sure I don't join my husband!