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Sunday, February 20, 2005

forgot to add

Pearls and Dreams

For me ... I don't take the plaquenil ... because of the myasthenia gravis, the rheumatologist said that he would not use plaquenil in the absence of clear organ invovlement, and severe sunburn with 'funky rash' one time is not enough to justify the MG risk of plaquenil.

I take 5 mgs of prednisone.
Either Celebrex or Bextra
and the Cellcept I take for the Myasthenia is also for the lupus. (that's handy huh?)

For my next posting about the medical stuff I face ...
I can post about ...
let's see
my kids and tourette's syndrome, OCD, ADHD or Hypogammagobulinemia (genetic immune deficiency)
or I can post more about the eating disorder
or I can post about my husbands battle with polio and post polio ...
any requests?

I think I've learned that educating others, is one way I cope, if I can help someone learn about it, so that when they meet someone, or find out they have a loved one with it, they better understand the disease/condition themselves, and thus, have more empathy.

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  1. If educating me helps you cope...then educate away!!!!

    Every morning before I leave for work, I have to put on my hub's shoes and soces. Some days it's b/c his hands are too swollen to manipulate those things, other days it's b/c he can't bend b/c of his back. He has a ruptured disc, 2 herniated discs, spurs up and down his spine, diminished lung capacity, swollen joints, severe (!!!!) sleep apnea for which he has a C-Pap machine on the highest setting, a bad immune system (at one time dx w/ Epstein Barr), depression, high cholesteral, a super-sluggish thyroid, and morbid obesity (because he hurts too much to exercise and b/c of not getting enough good sleep).

    So...I relate well here. It's good for me to hear about someone else's struggles...stretches my perspective.

    blessings on you!