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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Never ending

Pearls and Dreams

I know this blog was started about my journey in life ..which is dealing with many medical issues as well as being excited about the changes in me as I grow and mature into actual adulthood (just cause it took me 40 years to get here!)...

but sometimes I feel like all i post about is the medical stuff ..maybe it's because it's feeling like that's all that's happening?

I'm still in a great mood, excited ... I'll have to post on that stuff later today but right now my time is limited because I am off to yet another doctor's appointment!!!!!!

I called my doctor yesterday to tell her that I'd woken up every night over the weekend with charlie horses in both calves.
I started Vytorin 2 weeks ago. Since I have myasthenia gravis and I'd already had a bad reaction muscle wise to Lipitor ...
We were very cautious .but with a cholesterol of 310 ... you have to do something ... and I'd already done the diet changes and am already exercising to the max with my health issues.

So, I figured she'd just have me to a blood test, but they want to see me.
My right calf is sore today from the severity of last nights charlie horse.
Is ... this the reaction that all the commercials warn about? Report to your doctor any signs of muscle pain or weakness because it might be signs of a serious but rare muscle problem ....yada yada yada

or is this a reaction to physical therapy and am I simply working out too hard in Physical therapy????


  1. Those are good questions for which I hope you got good answers..and blessed relief!!!

    blessings and grace.

  2. Just scrolled down and saw this...do you take magnesium for the leg cramps? I have seen marvelous things both for myself and others. One doc told me that the main vitamin/mineral lack in America today is magnesium! I take 250 mg. morning and night. Sure do feel better! Not sure if it would interfere with the meds...but docs love to med us to death! Hubby has diabetes and I have high blood pressure and borderline diabetes...and so far refusing to give up and take ALL the meds! Got ahold of a website and need to watch the videos..but go to Dr. Lorraine Day's site and see if there is anything that might help there. We have begun jucing veggies and fruit...and seeing some improvements in our ailments...just a thought.

  3. It doesn't interfere with the meds I'm on ...but it does interfere with the neuromuscular disease I have. It'd relax my calf muscles so they don't cramp ...but it'd also relax my breathing muscles and well ..um ... that doesn't work out too well (grin)

    (that's why it works for cramps, it's a natural muscle relaxant)

    My cramps HAVE gotten a bit better ... I did tell my PT about them today, and he stopped me on a couple of exercises and had me do them while he had his hand on my knee/calves ... and showed me what I was doing wrong stance wise ...I was putting too much stress on one muscle ..which was probably causing it. We'll see ...