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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Message to Myasthenics

Pearls and Dreams

To any myasthenics that might stumble across this blog ... when your neurologist tells you (and they will) that Nyquil is not a good mix with myastheni gravis ... listen to the neuro.

Dr. M ... you were right


Nyquil + MG = not good.

Where's my extra mestinon?

(after 13 years of dx ... I really should know better)


  1. Ok, I may not get all the details right, but this just doesn't sound good at all.

    Is there something to undo the bad that the meds did?

    Hope you get to feeling better very quickly!

    blessings and grace!

  2. Well ... it could be dramatically worse ... but I knew when my arms were too weak to hold up in the shower without propping them on the shower wall this morning I'd done wrong.

    My breathing is a BIT labored, but not too bad. (MG effects all voluntary muscles including chestwall muscles that effect breathing, and occassionally, the diaphragm ..mine is, but the diaphragm seems to be fine this time)I can get a deep breath, so all is technically well.

    Just a bit on the weak side, some slight double vision, the gallon of milk felt heavier than it should have.

    I DO have some symptom medications that help (Mestinon) and had I put two and two together before I did ... I'd have had a much pleasanter day (is pleasanter a word?)

    I AM safe ..just not comfortable.

    I don't EVEN want to report this weekend to my doctors!

  3. How long did it take to get diagnosed with myasthinia? What medications help best for weakness and cramping? (cramping not due to medication)

  4. Annonymous, it took me 2 1/2 years and several mis diagnosis' including :
    post partum depression (that was in the letter to the doctor, what was told to me was 'stop being a baby about being a new mother')
    borderline diabetes
    TMJ disorder
    chronic fatigue syndrome
    MS (oh, you can't afford to have the test's done? I think it's more than CFS ..we'll call it MS ...say what?!!)

    then finally MG when I was unable to move and in very serious shape on the verge of respiratory crisis

    The medications that help with the weakness is Mestinon ...
    the disease modifying drugs are
    Imuran, prednisone, Cellcept, IVIG, plasmapherisis,

    As far as cramping not caused by medications, you'd have to talk to your doctor ..most things that help cramping will worsen MG.

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