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Monday, February 14, 2005

My story & I'm sticking to it

Pearls and Dreams

It's Valentines day, so I'm going to post about chocolate.

I cannot vouch for the medical accuracy or scientific fact in this post, so it may be rumor, urban legend, old wives tale or just plain wishful thinking. But ... it IS stuff I've heard ... and it sounds good and well ... as a lupus patient ... it sounds wonderful and it's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Chocolate is a great food.
First, it is a legume ... it is a bean, cocoa bean.
Second, it has great anti oxidants and as we've all heard from the healthfood guru's ... anti oxidants prevent cancer, heart disease and all kinds of other ills.
Third ... chocolate is an anti inflammatory (most imortant factoid to the lupus patient in me) thus helping to relieve joint inflammation and pleurisy pain.
Fourth...chocolate releases a hormone giving us pleasurable feelings, so wouldn't that make it an anti depressant too?

Happy Valentines Day.

Enjoy Your Chocolate ... at least for today.


  1. Oh no!!! Valentines' Day came and went and I didn't have even a sniff of anything chocolate. That's just not right...I may have to correct this...and soon!

  2. I love your thinking on the matter! Michele

    p.s. If it is dark chocolate it's even better for you, so you can eat limitless amounts. (that's my story!- especially if raspberry filled)m

  3. Oh..just saw this one..had to remark. YES YES YES, chocolate is an antidepressant! When "crabby" (hubby) was in foul humor...I learned to take the cues when he called to tell me he was on the way home...and would hurry to my stash of Ghiradelli double chocolate brownies and make up a batch which would about be ready to eat as he came in the door! I did that for a long time and it sure made for a better evening! We cannot eat them anymore...argh...so not sure if they are on the market...but they are made of pretty quality stuff. My daughter cannot eat other chocolate in fact....this is REAL good stuff!

  4. LOVE Gheradelli Chocolate!!!

    LOVE IT!

    I was sOOOOOO happy when it was finally marketed in Oklahoma.

    Having grown up in California, and eaten lunch at the Gheradelli Chocolate Factory ... visited it many times ... not having SEES or Gheradelli ...just wasn't right!

    Bad enough there is no Yosemite near by ...but no Gheradelli was just not right!!

  5. hi! cool thoughts on chocolates. i just tried mozart from germany and it's wonderful!!! mmmmm! my post valentine choklits from my boo! nice to visit your
    blog! God bless you!