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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Grand Rounds

Pearls and Dreams

Several weeks ago, I stumbled across a blog (through blog explosion) that had a link to something called Grand Rounds. I found it facinating and since then, have been reading several blogs by doctors and other health professionals on a daily basis. It has been educational, and interesting to say the least.

As a patient, it helps me to see the other side of the issue of the health care system that I am so often a part of. As a person who tends to like the medical sciences, I find it very interesting to see the doctor's thoughts as they blog each day.

This weeks Grand Rounds, patients were invited to participate. So, I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring and post about my own pet peeve. So, while I was at my doctor's office this morning, having to deal with the exact person I'd blogged/griped about last night ... Grand Rounds was posted and sent me a link to add and so, my link is going up a bit late.


So ... check it out!

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