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Friday, February 11, 2005


Pearls and Dreams

To call or not to call ....

I've been on antibiotics 3 times all ready this year, it's only been 10 days since I finished the last coarse ..and that was 875 mgs of amoxil, and that followed a coarse of 2000 mgs of Augmentin. Well ... my throat is starting to hurt, my left ear hurts AGAIN, my nose is stuffled up again, my chest is tight, and my temp is 100.1º . Now ...if this was not a Friday, I'd just hit the hay and say, I'll ride it out for a day or so and see what happens, but it's the weekend. If I get really sick, I'm gonna get blasted again by my doc who gets really tired of me diagnosing myself. (she keeps asking to see my medical degree (GRIN)) But really, with all those antibiotics, could it REALLY be a bacterial? Or is it more likely to be flu or cold? But then again ... I AM on Cellcept ..3000 mgs (immunosuppressant) and Prednisone 5 mgs ... so ... I guess technically ...
But then again ... it COULD be allergies and the fever could just be my lupus ... I've got swollen joints and plerisy, and costochondritis, and dizziness, and brain fog and insomnia and everything else I get with a lupus flare ...so the fever may have nothing to do with the sore throat & congestion stuff ...

I have been to 2 doctor appointments this week. Physical therapy twice, and I have physical therapy at 10 this morning ... I also have small group tonight ... I do not have time to be sick again!

This seems to be a running theme in my life ... I don't have time to be sick. Someone needs to tell my body that. It's not listening to me. (wonder if that's why I keep getting sick?)

So, is it bacterial, viral, or allergy + lupus flare?
if it's viral or lupus + allergies, it will do me diddly squat good to go to the doctor.
If it's bacterial, then I should probably go.



  1. Good Luck, I'll stop back here to see how you're doing. - woody

  2. Well, I can't breath through my right sinus at all, my left side is plugged up ... my left ear HURTS, my throat is sore, my chest is tighter, and when I cough there is a funky wheezing sound ... my temp was up to 101.2º at 11 pm

    I'm guessing ... I made the wrong choice to NOT call the doctor today. WHOOPS. It's gonna be a LONG weekend.

  3. Uh, to put this delicately, many of us (myself TOO often included), do not call the dr for ourselves, but will call in *an instant* for our kids or friends. Since you *are even contemplating whether, to call, I hope you do when those strong thoughts are talking to you. Drs can be called over the weekend... Best to you

  4. BTW, I adore your quote by Stephen Wright. I rarely see anyone "live" but we were lucky to obtain tickets one yr. What a riot to hear him in person! :)