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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Suggestions wanted

Pearls and Dreams

If anyone has any suggestions for dealing with side effects of Fortamet (metformin/glucophage type medication) please please please speak up!!!!! I went up to 1500 mgs on Monday ... my stomach won't stop being queasy, my head hasn't stopped hurting ... I feel gucky all over ... icky ooky ick!

I have to go up to 2000 mgs on Monday, right now, I can't even imagine that! UGH!

I had a post I was going to do tonight, but my queasy tummy isn't going to let me think hard enough.

Flip side, at the doctor's office yesterday ... I was down in weight again, still just a bit, but that makes a full 30 lbs ... exactly ..since September!
In the whole time, since I was 14, I'd never taken more than 5 weeks to loose 30 lbs. So, taking 5 + months to loose 30 lbs ...that is REAL progress ...
Maybe, just maybe, between having the insulin resistance diagnosed & treated, and loosing it slowly, it will stay off for good this time!

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  1. Can you take Gravol? It's anti-nausea OTC medication. Or Ginger, because that's what Gravol is basically. Ginger tablets or in natural form I guess.