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Monday, March 20, 2006


Pearls and Dreams

Well, the neuro appointment went well.

The neuro didn't see any tics with Benjamin, and it's the first time he could remember not noticing them. We talked about the possibility of using a stimulant medication for his ADHD. We've never considered it because of the severity of his tics, inspite of the severity of his ADHD and the severity of his learning disabilities.

He asked me about caffiene and it's effect on tics, which, seems to be minimal, if at all. It used to be major.
So, we left there with a script for Focaline ... one that he's used with other TS patients that have had less success with other stimulants.

Maybe ... it sure would be a big help to him if the concentration could be helped in school! Maybe even worth a small increase in tics, depending on the how small. Back to risks vs benifit as usual.

We go in next month for T.O.V.A. test (electronic test) with and without the medication, that will help to decide how effective it is.

His EEG 'looked good' ..however, Dr. M wasn't willing to decrease his Keppra at this point. :/
He told Benjamin that he's FAIRLY sure that he's outgrown the epilepsy, but with the 'big seizure' last November, he's going to leave him at the higher dose for a while. Then, he'll lower it slowly. He'll make sure the migraines stay under control with the lower dose ...
(we use Keppra for migraines and seizures. )

So ..that's how it went. We are on spring break right now, so we can get used to the new drug before school starts. I like that. :)


  1. Hope you have a good spring break.

    Sounds like the doctor visit turned out pretty well.


  2. Glad to here your appointment went fairly well, and thanks for visiting my blog earlier today and leaving a comment.

  3. Risk vs Benefit can be pretty scary. I hope that everything comes out for the absolute best.

    It's really tough when you're got a kid going through all of that.

    Have a peaceful spring break, dear heart!