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Friday, March 17, 2006


Pearls and Dreams

We have come to a decision on the name of the kitten.

Betsy. She is spotted in the same pattern as a cow.

So ... hopefully, she really IS a she (she appears to be ..but with cats, sometimes, that proves wrong later ...) and she is going to be called Betsy.

Sugarfoot comes out to eat and chases Twitch into the bedroom and makes him sit at the edge of the box and watch her. She won't let Betsy unsupervised even for a few minutes.

Twitch adores the kitten. I find all 3 of them in the box as often as not. I can't wait till Betsy can start to move around, Twitch will be in Kitty Cat heaven to have a playmate again.

I really need to get the article for the children's ministry magazine re written, as well as my Sunday School lesson for Sunday. Both are in my head ...neither are getting done. I'm too busy stalling. Not sure why.

It has been suggested to me that I join a support group this week. For a particular issue in my past. I don't know what makes them think I would join for that issue. I have refused to join a group for eating disorders ...and I WILL talk about my eating disorder ..what in the world makes them think I would join on an issue I refuse to discuss ???
When I said that ...that brought up the possibility of joining 2 support groups ... one for eating disorders ... uh ..didn't I just say NO ...
I will do Bible studies, I will do Small Groups, I will do ministry groups. I will NOT do a support group.

Shoot, I forgot to make eye doctor appointment for my kids today.

Monday, we take Benjamin back to the pediatric neurologist to get the result of his EEG. Judgement day on his epilepsy ...do we increase Keppra, stay the same, or take the chance of lowering it ...
he's 14 ... it could go either way. His last severe seizure was in November, but he had a high fever. Last one before that ..that I know of, was 18 months before that. He says he's had them since, but I haven't seen any, and the school nurse has only described post seizure behavior, but has no documentation to show us, and never notified me at the time.
So, we're a bit confuzled. We shall see.

Report cards ... 16 year old just walked in the door ...
Creative writing 97 A
Pre AP Geometry 82 B
Physical Science 100 A
Pre AP Lit 93 A
Pre AP History 92 A
Spanish 89.46 B

Yes, his spanish teacher gave him a B for missing an A by .54 points ..ain't it grand!

Oh well ...

We're not discussing Bj's grades. He's got special ed teachers who aren't following his IEP and he's got regular ed teachers who aren't modifying his work like the IEP calls for .... ugh.


  1. Hang in there dear Heart ...

    It sounds like you're afloat in a very busy sea ... I can empathize!


  2. Don't let those IEP people walk all over you and your kid.

    It's like they're trained to ignore you... so you have to become the squeaky wheel.

    Take care...


  3. Thank you TJ ... yes, I know, trust me... I know all too well ... The teachers don't know just how squeaky I can become either.

    Right now, we are going to use next weeks spring break to decide just how squeaky to become.

    Are we going to pull him out and homeschool him for the rest of the year ..if so, becoming squeaky at this point is moot ... if not, then it becomes mandetory ...

    I have taken this district to due process, twice ...and won mind you ...

    The special ed director knows me ...all too well .. however, I HAVE managed to actually earn her respect in my battles. Not easily done with this woman.

    My parents both taught special ed, my dad was a special ed director for 8 years of his 40 years in special ed. I was a special ed major before I dropped out of college because of the Myasthenia Gravis (I was going to go into education for the deaf).

    While the individual teachers tend to look at us as a low income family ... the special ed director knows we're fire ... with more knowlege of the system than most, and we know how to work it ...and we know his rights, and the schools responsibilities.

    We've had 3 meetings this year ... which, in comparrison to the NINE last year ...

    Anyway ... Since we know we're not putting him in their 8th grade, we're just trying to decide, are we going to fight them to fix it for this year ... or pull him out.

    I've been battling these people since he was 3 ... I've won every one of them. I just get to the point where I want to scream at them "DO YOU NOT REMEMBER WHO I AM??????"

    But I don't ... I'm fighting to get my child educated, not to prove a point.

    I've also used a battle cry of "In every victory let it be said of me, my source of strength, my source of hope, is Christ alone"

    So ... I don't wanna blow my testimony screaming at them ... well, I do,today, but not in the long run so, I won't ;)