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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Pearls and Dreams

Pearls and Dreams

In a couple of weeks, we may be making a quick decision on Bj and homeschooling. His IEP meeting is at 1:30 in the afternoon. In the more than 10 years that I've been dealing with this district, not once have they agreed to meet, much less ASKED to meet DURING school hours. Not really sure what to think about this. They've asked to allow 90 minutes for this IEP. Granted, it is a Transitional IEP (our first) with one that will include testing review ... I'm not sure it's the year for testing, but I'm agreeing to testing anyway because I think they need to do it. I think it's only been 2 years, not the 3. But, they may need to do it because it's a transitional year.
My concern, some of the questions on the questionairre, make it look like they may be planning on transitioning him out of special education. Excuse me, he's FAILING special education classes! Hello? Please tell me this is a standard form!
Please tell me they do remember that I will not fight for the sake of fighting, but I am who I AM! I do know what I am doing ...and I will use that knowlege and experience ...and the special ed director will not fight with me either ..because she's learned that I'm not about the fight, I'm about appropriate education of my child and I understand the fight.
I hate IEP's in this district! If I hear one more time that we modify for the whole class and not for individual children, I think I might have to throw up on them! ARGH!!!!!!
Thankfully, later that day, is a meeting with my other sons enrollment counselor for the high school. Given his grades, progress and ambition, and the fact that the school district caters to kids like him ... it will be a nice end to the day.

I still don't understand it. They are willing to bend over backwards to help my son who really doesn't need their help. The one who would succeed if you stuck him in a room with little resources (I know this from having homeschooled him on little income and having him succeed rather well) and just kind of guided him ... but my child who REALLY needs their help ... they don't want to help.

The Superintendent of the school acutally said, in public, on the news that if it were up to her, they would not have a special education program and they would focus on the gifted program. Then refused to apologise to the parents who she offended. She couldn't figure out why there was an outcry either.

Spend $50,000 on a tailgate football party (yes, they did ..granted, the football team was state champs that year) and stand there and say that you wish you didn't have to provide special education services ... then ask the parents of kids under IEP's to trust you ... and it's not going to happen.

I don't want the world for my son ...just follow the IEP! It doesn't ask for the moon.


  1. I understand your frustration.

    We had two kids who were ADD, and two which I've since discovered have Asperger Syndrome. The only help we could get from the school system was so counter-productive that we stopped having anything to do with them at all. We just went ahead and homeschooled all four.

    For the two older ones with ADD, it was far too little - far too late. But for the younger two, it was real blessing. The "baby" is in his last year of studying Molecular Biology, and the other one is a chef. I wish I'd never sent them to school at all - any of them.

    Good luck ... let us know how things turn out ...

  2. Sorry you are having such a rough go of it.

  3. The reason why they "cater" to the children who don't need any help is because of their test scores.

    The children who do very well with the annual standardized tests makes the school look good. Which in turns translates into $$ bills for the school and the district.

    This is the same reason why the children that don't do well on these standardized tests are sometimes encouraged to stay home on testing day.

    All I can say is don't back down on the IEP business. And it isn't just your school. It's here in the OKC metro area. I know someone who is having similar problems. Lots of problems.

    One thing these parents and grandparent have discovered... The teachers and principal really don't like for them to be in the classroom with the child so that they can monitor the IEP that's already in place.

    I think that it's making a really big difference.

    You might think about doing that.


  4. Moof, it is a frustrating situation. Since I know the special ed laws so well, having been brought up by special ed teachers ... it gets very aggrivating. I'm not asking for the moon, just follow the IEP, the IEP is well written, and not even asking that much ...

    Friar Tuck, thanks so much!

    T.J. it is all about the scores ...especially here in this state. ugh.

    I am ready to say homeschool, it was my husband's idea, but he's not sure I'm up to the physical task ...and with my surgery next week, he's really hesitating. :(
    We have the materials, so it's just a matter of making the decision.