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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


My 16 year old, the one who is so smart, has a cause in life. While, I wanted him to realize that God gave him his smarts for a purpose, and to get a grip, and DO something with those smarts ... when a child with OCD gets something ...they REALLY GET IT ... and the rest of us get to live with the obsession ... sometimes, you have to be careful what you wish for (grinning here).
He wants to be a forensic medical examiner. Which means, getting his medical degree. He has done, a ton of research in the last couple of months as to what he needs to do in the next couple of years ... and it's all he talks about.
Next year, he actually signed up to take AP physiology, AND Chemistry. He tried to take AP Physiology AND AP Chemistry ... uh ... Samuel ... TWO AP science classes ??? ARE you NUTS???????? (all his other classes are also AP, including his elective class! AP Spanish 3). He still insisted, but his counselor at school agreed with me and told him that as good as he is in science, as much as he loves science, taking science as an elective, is not a problem, taking 2 science classes is not a problem, but one of them, needs to be a grade level class. She strongly suggested the chemistry being the regular, and AP physiology being the AP. Whew. At least he listened to her!

Last year, we were fighting to get this kid, capable of taking AP classes to agree to take Pre AP classes ... this year we're fighting to KEEP him from taking AP classes? What a difference a goal makes! (GRIN)

I was all for his goal ... I thought it was really neat ... until I smarted off.
My husband made a remark about Samuel with a scalpo (sp? that does NOT look right today!) being a scary thing ... I said "that's ok, he'll just be playing with dead people!"
Suddenly, I got grossed out! EWWWWWW
My son, asked me to not repeat that by the way. He said people will misinterpret that (grin) I learned he knows what the word necrophelism means. He, does not have that disorder. He wants everyone to know his interest is in solving the reason someone died ... not to 'play with dead people'.

I've never zinged myself with my smartelic mouth before ...

I have learned that someone from my children's school district has found this blog ...and read several pages. Makes me nervous. Wish they'd left a comment and identified themselves. Were they here because I posted about the problems with my sons science teacher? Or ... is it one of my 14 year olds teachers ...
is this a friend, or foe? We have such a good experience with our oldest son, and such a horrific experience with our youngest ... it makes me nervous ...
Whoever you are ...if you come back ... please leave a comment ... and tell me who you are and why you're looking at so many pages.

I posted this on my xanga ... my xanga is mostly just for my son, and his friends.
What 10 things are you most grateful for ...

1. Salvation through Jesus' sacrifice for me on the cross, and all the gifts that brought with it.
2. Children who remind me that God is a wonderful God.
3. A Child, who while he is like me in so many ways, is choosing to not make the mistakes I make, but is choosing to do the hard thing to make his life a success!
4. That God gave me the ability to get my thoughts onto paper, when I can't get them out of my mouth.
5. A church family that is there, really there, when I need them to be. In prayer, in emotional, in physical and loving support.
6. Friends who make me laugh. My sons friends, who make me laugh, and smile.
7. Second chances. And third, and fourths ... God's mercy is everlasting ....
8. Teenage sons who like to be around me. Who think I'm a cool mom. Who like me, and think I'm not dumb. They think I'm a good mom and they tell me their friends love me too ... how cool is that?
9. That I'm in today's medical world, not 40 years ago. Lupus, Myastehnia Gravis, were not so treatable back then.
10. Growth ... even when it's painful.

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