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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Concepts and Practices

Pearls and Dreams

When I wrote the acronym Realize, I knew what I meant by Lay your heart at the feet of Jesus. I knew it was churchy language. I knew the concept I was intending. Since I had never planned on turning it into lessons, the idea that I would need to back this up scripturally never crossed my mind. The phrase is tossed around the church like tissue paper.

When I went to write the lesson out this morning, I was a bit nervous ... if this phrase was a current popular phrase ... it could get interesting ...
I went to my favorite Bible study site and hit search for the phrase "feet of Jesus" and discovered ... I had worried over nothing. I was not going to have to struggle to find scripture, but rather pick and choose.

The reasons for being at Jesus feet, varied from worship, to surrender, to ask for healing, to wash his feet, putting others at his feet for healing...
These were the practices and concepts I had in my mind ..what I hadn't quite realized was the scriptural references that they'd actually put them AT HIS FEET. (except for Mary washing Jesus' feet)

Funny how we can understand something, and yet, still not understand where the roots of it come from. Not a single scriptural reference, or story was a story I didn't know thouroughly ... I just hadn't quite put two and two together in my mind.

It was nice that it flowed together easily ...and yet, a bit disturbing to me that I hadn't known that I knew.

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  1. I know what you mean. I think that's why I think of myself is not a very good witness. I know what I believe, but somehow my brain doesn't quite put all the pieces together well. I'll sit in a Bible study listening and thinking, "Aha! I knew it. This is what I knew but couldn't really remember." Unfortunately, it takes but a few days before I am back to knowing but not knowing. I'm sure you'll do better at the remembering part than I do.