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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Fact vs. Truth

Pearls and Dreams

So many people see those terms as interchangable. In some realms, they just may be. But in the spiritual, emotional, they are anything but.

I'm teaching my Women to Women's Sunday School class tomorrow on "Emphasizing God's Truth in Your Life"

The reality is, so many times, we, as humans get caught up in what we percieve as truth, or the facts of our lives, we forget that God's truth is eternal, and God's truth is what is the real reality.

I spent much of my life, feeling like I'd been allowed into the Kingdom of God by pure default. God was a soveign God ..and he said that the gift of salvation was open to all mankind, so, he had to offer it to me when I accepted it. But, he hadn't really intended for Peggikaye to ever be born. ("you were an accident" was heard by me, quite often, growing up)So, I knew that I was saved, and I knew that God was going to follow through, but he hadn't REALLY intended to give ME any of those promises.

A few years ago, I asked God to show me what it was that he saw in me. It was the SCARIEST prayer I'd ever prayed. I was sure that he would confirm what I knew to be true (the facts as I saw them.)Instead, he showed me the TRUTH of God's word. That he created me, that he knew me before I was born. That he loved me, that I was fearfully and wonderfully made. That he has called me and knows me by NAME!
The story is a long one, and one day, I may take the time to put the whole year on here. (I have called it the year of the pearl ... God used the pearl to show me just how much he loved me ... my name, means precious pearl ...thus, the name of this blog)
The fact was, I felt like the scum of the earth ..the truth was ... I was (and am) a child of the King.

So many times we depend on what we see ...rather than what is truth.
What we forget ...is facts can ... AND DO ...change.
God's truth is eternal and will never change.

Here are some facts vs truth I've thought of this evening, not necessarily my own, but common things that people think or feel:
Fact: I'm lonely and alone, I feel like nobody cares for me
Truth: God is with me always, and he Cares with for me, no matter what my feelings are.
Fact: I'm poor, and my place on the social ladder is not very high up, therefore, what could I possibly have to offer?
Truth: God has called me, He will equip me. His ways are not our ways.
Fact: I am stuck in my situation, there are no options for me to make it better.
Truth: God gives grace to those who seek after him, and wisdom to those who seek him


A situation, thought, or idea, that is true or perceived to be true.

A fact is temporary and can be changed.

We have the ability to effect most facts in our lives.


A situation, thought or idea, that is from, about or anointed by God.

A truth is eternal and cannot be changed. No matter what we do, say or believe, the truth of God stays the same.

We do not have the ability to effect the truth of God …but we have the ability to apply God’s truth to our lives.

What are some fact vs truths that you can think of ...if you've experienced them yourself, that would make them even better!


  1. I guess that I had caught you while your were 'editing' your post?

    I was going to post a comment based on what I had seen previously, but I was having difficulties trying to pull my comment together... plus, your page was having difficulties loading.

    I refreshed the page and now see your 'edited' post.

    The Fact vs. Truth on the last 1/3 of your post reflects what I was trying to say...



  2. hmmmm But T.J. ... I was hoping to 'cheat' and get some extra idea's before Sunday School tomorrow morning! ;)

    not that posting at 11:30 at night will do me much good ... I guess that's what I get for waiting to pull my lesson together till Saturday afternoon!

    I've known for 4 weeks what today's lesson would be, I guess I shouldn't have procrastinated.

  3. You are truly "A child of the King"! I have been having "one of those days" where I can't wait for it to end and for tomorrow to begin. If you look at what I posted this morning you will know why.

    But then I came here and read this post, and you have made me feel so much better. I don't know how many people you may have helped in Church this morning but I'am one that you have helped this evening..Thank-you!!!