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Friday, March 10, 2006

My Son May Be Relieved

I took my mom to her first post op appointment. She brought me an article from my sister's newspaper about a doctor in Broken Arrow who has gone back to school and gotten his Master's Degree in Forensics. I was reading it when the doctor came into the room

This doctor, is a friend of our doctor. She wanted to know why he was in the paper. I told her why, and why we had a copy of the article. I told her the biggest problem my son was having, was that it meant that he had to go to the college that he did not want to go to.

She looked at me funny and said "uh, he could become a DO and not an MD you know."

See, Oklahoma has a few State run universities, but 2 major ones. University Of Oklahoma (the infamous er ...famous football champs) OU, and Oklahoma State University (the Famous BASKETBALL CHAMPS!) OSU. See, the people who know how to read go to OSU, because they know that OU University of Oklahoma would be UO not OU!!!
GO COWBOYS! Ok, it's March Madness ... sorry ... back to topic ...

So, since, my kids go to OU medical clinic for their doctor, and around here, you hear medical school, pre med, all you hear about is ... OU. I'd forgotten that OSU even HAD a DO program.

So ... the plan was, he go to OU, then do his residency, then go to OSU while working to get trianing in Forensics. (OU does not have a forensics program, OSU is the only University in Oklahoma that has one.)

Well, she said that if he goes to OSU, he can get the DO AND get the Forensic training WHILE in medschool and residency!!!!!!!!!!!!

He can go to the school he loves, and not have to extend the training ...this is going to please my son to no end.

His neurologist told him to do volunteer work this summer but didn't give us a suggestion as to how. My doc said this guy in the paper loves to have high school kids come in and do rotations during the summer. She suggested calling him.
She said she'd let him, but since she works for a clinic, and the clinic powers that be won't allow it, she can't let him. :(

However, my son really is driving me insane. His latest book check out was on autoimmune diseases. He's now spending his evening telling me how the autoimmune process works in the body. Excuse me son ... I live that process, have for quite a while. I, um, really don't want to talk about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow! He sounds like my youngest son! He used to chase me around with text-books until I wanted to feed them to him! *LOL*

    Mine ended up going up to the University of Maine and taking up Molecular Biology ... he wants to do research. I always wished one my kids had gone into medicine, but none of them wanted to deal with patients.

    I don't blame them ... *cringe*

    Tell your son that your blogging buddies wish him all the best!!! :)

  2. sounds like he'll go a long way, even if it drives you crazy at times. i know you are so proud of him :)