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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Forgot to announce

Sugarfoot is the mamma of ONE kitten.

Sunday afternoon.

It's mostly white with black patches ... and a white tip on the tail. Since it's just one kitten, we will probably keep it.

I think my husband is finally convinced that his dislike for what's his name on the Price is Right is not worth not spaying our cats (yes, that is seriously the reason we hadn't done it!) Well, that and the financial part ... but there are ways around that, I think.

Sugarfoot, thankfully is not afraid of this kitten, like she was of her sisters kittens (grin).

The biggest problem seems to be that we cannot agree on a name. Samuel wants to name it Tipsy for the white tip on the tail. Don says that sounds like a drunk cat.
I want to name it Patches. Don wants to name it Spot. Spot is a dogs name! Patches is a cats name!

The other problem is Twitch ... he has already figured out that the baby is there ...he's not hunting ..he loves other cats ...and he wants to PLAY!!!!!!

Let me at it ... I wanna play! Let me PLAY !!!!!!

Trying to keep him away has been like fighting to keep back the tide!!! Geesh!
Sugarfoot was eating, and I caught Twitch in the box CLEANING the kitten! Purring away. Well, at least we're not going to have to worry about him being aggressive!


  1. Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog!

    Kittens are really cute and a lot of fun...

    You could compromise on the names and call it "Spit".

    ;+ )


  2. TJ has quite an idea there! :-)

    Just one kitten, huh? I bet it's going to be spoiled rotten. There's not much that's cuter than a baby kitten - especially once their eyes open and they start to play.