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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Cute Roly Poly Kitty

Pearls and Dreams

God did not mean for kittens to be only children.
They are meant to be at least twins, if not triplets or above.

Betsy is round, and still very shakey, and barely walking. She's over two weeks old now. She's doing better at holding her head up. My husband was very concerned. I had to remind him that, most kittens rough house and play with their siblings ...working their muscles, and developing necessary muscles. She, on the other hand, only has herself to play with ...not very stimulating.

Top that off with a mamma cat who is determined to keep her newborn ... she's at a severe disadvantage! She starts to walk away and Sugarfoot reaches out and plops a paw on her! Today, I caught Sugarfoot SITTING ON HER! I do see her wrestling to get out of Sugarfoot's paws at times. Poor baby :)

We're making a concerted effort every day, inspite of Sugarfoots protests, to make sure she gets some crawl time and play time.

Any suggestions for helping an only kitten develop would be more than welcome so this roly poly cow ..er kitten can develop into a cat rather than roly poly something or other.


  1. I once had a siamese mama throw a single seal point baby girl. She so cute, that when it came time to give her up, we cried.

    She was spoiled to absolute distraction ... we played with her for hours on end. She didn't seem to do that badly for being an "only child," but the mama also wasn't over-protective.

    All I can recommend is for you to play with her ... tip her over, tickle her little round belly ... tease her with your fingers ... make her move around. Try to catch her eye with string. If she's getting around, she's probably going to be ok. It's not like she's really horribly late on her progress at only two weeks.

    Are you going to let us see any pictures? :-)

  2. You may look into separating Mom from Baby two or three times a day for at least a couple hours each time.

    All the milk goes to Betsy, and there's no one to share it with. Also, there's a never ending supply and she isn't coming behind someone else and getting the short end of the...

    Well, you know what I'm talking about.

    If you sat in your box, in front of the TV, sipping constantly on a high-calorie drink all day...


  3. I have tons of pictures on my phone ... and can't get them downloaded to my puter :(

    I have some on a camera to be developed, but it will have to wait till after my sugery next week to get developed.

  4. I Love kittens! Nothing is more sweet and cuddly than a tiny kitten. We have not had a cat in about 4 years, not since our beloved Mouser had to be put down at the age of 11. We miss her.

    Thanks for stopping by my little blog-I appreciate it! Its sad what happened in Tulsa, the suspect has confessed. I hope he gets the Death Penalty.........