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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Ice storms

Pearls and DreamsTulsa Woman, Four Daughters, Killed In Wednesday Morning Crash

Tulsa - Wednesday's weather conditions contributed to a fatal accident that claimed the life of a Tulsa woman and her four children. Shanna Tottress was taking her four daughters to school. Now, a family grieves for a mother and her four little girls who had so much life ahead of them.

The Lincoln Town Car sat at the side of Highway 51 in Wagoner County in pieces of twisted metal. Behind these images we now know a young mother was driving a path she knew well.

"She was taking them to school," said Tottress' sister Kristy Harris. "Just like she did every morning, just day to day routine."

But, Harris later learned this day would be anything but routine for her sister and four nieces.

"I was on my lunch break. My husband called me at work. When I got the news. And it was just a shock."

The car hit wet pavement, spun out of control, and into on-coming traffic. Killed in the crash were 28-year old Shanna Tottress, and her babies 15-year-old Tatiana, 13-year old Tashay, 8-year old Jonet and 5-year old Ebony.

"Pretty, pretty girls. Very special, very lighthearted, very loving," Harris said.

A sister stands in disbelief and feels for a father who lost his wife and four babies.

"It just kinda blindsided us," she says. "Just wasn't expecting it. I just need everyone's prayers, just pray."

Right now, they are trying to help set up a fund to help the family pay for funeral expenses.
That's just one of the news story's (channel 8, KTUL.COM) of traffic deaths from our ice storm today.
I hate ice. It covers everything, and it's slick and cold and it is dangerous. It doesn't descriminate at who it hurts. The rich are just as likely to have their power wiped out by the ice as the poor. The Poor mans car is just as likely as the rich mans to go spinning out of control into another's ...

Water pipes burst ...

It hurts to be this cold. My joints won't cooperate. I have trouble with extreme temperatures, the lupus and MG doesn't do well. What's worse than extremes, are extreme changes ... Right now it's 18º. Last thursday, the high was 73º The Thursday before, it was 3º . That's some pretty rapid changes, with pretty extreme swings ... not only does the lupus not do well, but with being on immunosuppression medications, my immune system doesn't hold up well ... monday the doc insisted on delivering a nebulizer to my home. :( I've always managed to wiggle out of that one, not this time.
Taking breathing treatments ... not sure they're helping. I'll give it till tomorrow, my docs out of town, but if I'm not doing better, I'll go see her partner so I don't go into the weekend ...
Sigh ...
wish I was feeling profound tonight. Maybe tomorrow ....

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