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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Pearls and Dreams

Pearls and Dreams

It is FINALLY thursday morning! Yipee! I'm so excited, I don't leave for an hour, but I'm ready to go now! LOL
I have all the elephants packed and pictures of the ones I'm not taking.

I can't wait to see my girl! She is going to just be on top of the world that I am there and I am so glad to have a part in sharing this for her!

I'll post how it goes when I get back, I have to go from there to get an MRI done on my knee to find out if my fall just bruised and popped out the kneecap or if it tore some stuff in there.
He seems to think it's a 'surgical knee' :( soooo this will make knee surgery #3 UGH.
But I won't know for 2 weeks.

Ok ... off to find a cup of coffee before going to share my elephants with my friends daughter's class!!!

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