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Monday, January 10, 2005

Thursday Won't Get Here Fast Enough!

I am really looking forward to Thursday Morning. My friend Cindy has a nine year old daughter. I'm going to her school. For my 40th birthday, my friend Ronda had given me this BEAUTIFUL carving of elephant train (about 2 feet long) from sharks cartilege for my elephant collection. Well, my friends daughter doesn't have very many friends. She is in a new school, and very bright, ADHD and the kids just don't want to let her in. If they'd give her a chance, they'd find she's wonderful!
So, she goes to school and tells them about my elephant carving. The kids start to call her a liar, that there is no way they made a carving out of sharks cartilege and no one could collect elephants. So, I asked my friend if she thought the school would let me come and show n tell the carving.
The teacher is excited, my friend's daughter is excited, I can barely stand it ! I can't WAIT!!
I was hoping they'd schedule me right before lunch, and I'd have lunch with her, but they did it first thing in the morning. Oh well.
I'm taking the Sharks cartilege, my soap stone elephant, my water buffalo horn and a white quartz, and one made from sea shell. Plus some pictures of my whole collection.
I wish I could post them here, but I haven't figured out how to do the picture thing. I've tried, it just won't let me!

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