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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Pearls and Dreams

Pearls and Dreams

Somebody PLEASE take my email away from me!!!

I keep emailing my pastor and his wife, and as a result, get pulled in front of the church!!!

I had emailed my pastor this last week about Benjamin being able to read his new Bible and how much it meant to him. I get up yesterday to a message on my answering machine from my pastor "Peggikaye, would you please come up during the sermon when I call you and share your story of your daily Bible reading with the boys and Benjamin's reaction to his new Bible"


I could say no. But. Then he'd call me in for a meeting wanting to know why I was trying to pull back into my box.

I like being annonymous and staying in the music office behind the scenes, and my pastor and his wife are determined that while I have a definite place in the music office, I have more of a purpose than that ...

I also am going to be taking a LEADERSHIP Bible study coarse ... nothing major (I hope!) but once a month, Bible study on leadership within the church, with the Pastor and the board of trustee's and other ministry team representatives.
I've had a hard time making that choice, it means missing worship team practice. But as the only worship team member who actually COULD miss practice, I kind of feel like I have to be there, and my pastor's wife wouldn't make the choice for me. My pastor was cute when I said I was torn between the two (Don't you DARE tell my wife it's my fault you're missing practice!). I finally decided, that ... it's once a month. I'll go this month, Sunday the youth is leading praise and worship ... so worship team will only be working on new music, nothing really for me to do but to sit there and listen ... well, one song I have to learn to sign to, but I can learn that in a week or two, so missing one week won't matter. So, I'll take advantage of it being this week and then decide the rest of the year from there.

I still would rather stuff myself back in my nice little comfortable little box!


  1. i know the feeling!
    some people were being baptised in church yesterday and 5 minutes before the service started my pastor came and asked me (being one of the youth leaders) to pray for one of the lads.
    I couldnt concentrate on playing the drums or the sermon cos i was busy working out what i was going to pray in front of 300 people.
    When i got on the platform my mind went blank for a second and i just prayed something.
    i think everything went ok, at least nobody complained!

  2. Somehow D, I knew I'd not get any sympathy from you!!

    I love you too!!!

  3. HA!

    Go read my blog. I need your help! Cannot believe Rob and I are going to do this...but I guess it is time!