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Monday, January 17, 2005

Needle Phobia

Pearls and Dreams

Yikes, tomorrow, I am going into the doctor to get an EMG done. I've had EMG's before, but I was so sick at the time, I barely remember them.
I was also so weak, I could not brush my own hair and had to have help to walk ... undiagnosed myasthenia gravis ... and now, well, I'm diagnosed, treated and significantly stronger.

So ... I'm concerned. I've heard so much about how painful these tests are. They've never been painful to me before, but I also didn't have enough strength to kill a flea! So, if my muscle's actually contract with the electrical current ..will it hurt like everyone says? Or did they just not hurt me because I have a high pain tolerance???

I'm also a bit nervous about the results ... is the numbness in my hands and feet a simple pinched nerve that can be fixed with physical therapy, bracing, etc? Maybe even some surgery? Or do I have permanent nerve damage and peripheral neuropathy and this is just the beginning? Is this related to the lupus? To the insulin resistance? Is it a side effect of the drugs I take? Is it because I have hypermobile joints?

I'm also wondering how long today's labs will take to get back, they tested me for the lupus anticoagulant problem. If it's called anticoagulant ..then why is it a blood clotting problem???? I thought you GIVE anti coagulants for blood clots? I'm so confused!!!

I see my nuttritionist on Thursday, I'm dredding the appointment. Discussing my food limitations, that are not my disorder ... lupus sores and insulin resistance and a 310 cholesterol ... crud, now that I finally don't have a bunch of self imposed rules ... I have medically imposed food rules!


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