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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Blogger Number 5, I love Serving

Pearls and Dreams

I was supposed to pull music on Wednesday, but an ice storm prevented me from doing so. Yesterday, I was too cold and had a migraine. So today, I went, walked into the office, and the church secretary, and the volunteer were there, laughing, obviously working hard. The Volunteer (going to call her L from here on out) was working with a cast on. A few weeks ago, while fixing the christmas decorations, L fell down the balcony stairs and broke her elbow. L is in her 70's, but I dare any 30 year old to keep up with her!

I went into the music office and all last Sunday's music had been filed by L. I stood there and shook my head, smiling at what an incredible woman she is. What would I do without her? (music would stack up and I'd be forever lost in a pile of sheet music and no one would ever see me again!!) So, I pull out the files and I'm praying over Sunday's service and how the songs are going to reach the people. But every file I touch, I realize that L is going to be putting it back, with love, and kindness and gentleness (and organizational skills that I'm terribly lacking!) and the heart of a servant.

L is always at the church when I'm there. When she's not there, she's at the special needs school my son went to for kindergarten. (The Little Light House in Tulsa Oklahoma) working with kids who got an unfair start in life. She's the treasurer for the church, she works on the newsletter,she fixes my messes, and when I have a huge stack of music to give to the singers, she punches holes in it because my hands hurt too much to do it and she understands.

I briefly thought, what makes L different than so many Martha's that run around the churches of America? What is so different about this little powerball of a woman? What is it about her that makes it so obvious that every bit of service is being done while sitting at the feet of Jesus?
Prayer. A simple word. But it envades everything L does or says. Her life is bathed in prayer. When you ask her to pray, she WILL. It's a guarentee. Whenever there is prayer mentioned, she's the first one there ready to show up and offer her heart for Jesus.

I love to serve. Someone asked me what my love language was. I've never read the book, or taken the test, but I pretty much guarentee you, it's servanthood. So that's what I answered. You know I love you, because I made your favorite dinner. You know I care because you said you liked the dish I made for the church potluck, and I brought it again, just for you. You know that I am thinking about you, because I saw you crying, and I brought you a kleenex.

Working on my habitat hours, I worked at house site and was informed that I had 'irrevocably spoiled the work crews'. I'd done what I thought they wanted me to do, and it turned out to be way above and beyond what they'd intended for me to do. I loved it! I was thrilled with the description. I have decided that it is my goal to let people see the Jesus in me by 'irrevocably spoiling' them!

I love serving in the worship ministry. I can't sing anymore. My health has taken that from me, I can't depend on the muscles to work well enough to control my voice, thanks to the MG. Lupus has effected my vocal chords and sometimes my voice sounds rather rough and hoarse. But ... I love what I do. I make sure that all the singers have the music they need for practice. During practice if our worship leader realizes she needs something, I jump up to get it so that practice does not have to be interrupted. I make sure all the instrumentalists have all the music they need. (for one man, that's not an easy job, I think he's only playing 6 instruments now!) I put it in their folders, and I make sure it's in the order that they will be playing it on Sundays. I don't know what I do that makes it right ..but they do. They make sure I know they appreciate me and that I make a difference.
A little over a month ago, our worship leader, knowing I wasn't feeling well, called me and asked me for something, she felt awful asking me because she knew I was sick, but she said "you've got us so spoiled you haven't done us any favors! We can't replace you! you're the only one that can do your job!"
Ok, so maybe no one should be THAT irreplaceable ... it throws a wrench into things when you get sick or break your arm. But when you're serving from a heart that is seated at Jesus' feet ... it sure feels wonderful to know that as much as you love serving, you're making a difference!

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  1. Great job. You're one of my top five picks for the week.