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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Lupus clotting problem, evidently not my problem! Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to go to see my doctor today because I couldn't breath through my nose or hear through my stuffled up ears. She said the labs hadn't been there, but when she saw I was coming in, she called for them.I had a normal test for tha anticoagulant. She called my rhuemy to tell him and see if he wants me retested. He said it's good to know, go ahead and start the Avista, he said that he HAS seen the clotting problem with just Anti ds DNA but it's far more common if the RO antibody or another one that has slipped my mind is involved. Since I don't have those, he's not overly concerned. He said given my history, it IS something that needs to stay on the radar screen, but he really thinks that it's not the problem. He thinks my mid pregnancy loss and the blood clot with the life port had more to do with my hypermobile joints and a collegen deficiency (which has nothing to do with lupus ... I was born that way). SOOOOO He agreed with my doctor that it should have been tested by the first rheumy, and it should never ever be off the radar screen because of my history, but he thinks we can stick it on the back burner. He is planning on re doing full lupus panel at some point this year to compare with the lower dose of Cellcept, the off the cellcept and now the higher dose of cellcept with prednisone, and it will get retested then. Sooooo and my neuro said weakness or not, statins are ok to use, it might flare my MG a bit, but take it easy, take more symptom medication and PAY ATTENTION. (what? who? Me? not pay attention? )


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