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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Pearls and Dreams

Pearls and Dreams
Deeds To Crowns

A sad little girl, she skinned her knee.
I gave her a kiss and she smiled at me.
A diamond dropped from where she was kissed.
An angel took it to heaven where it would not be missed.

I read a story to my grandmother, frail.
My grandmother grinned, "I knew you'd not fail"
A ruby was left in the place I had sat.
An angel took it to heaven like that!

In the quiet of my bedroom late one night.
I prayed for the president for strength not fright!
Turning over in my bed, an emerald was left.
The angel deposited it in heaven, there'd be no theft.

I wrote a note to the husband I love.
He sent a prayer to the Father above.
When I put down the pen an opal was there.
An angel quickly flew with the gem through the air!

A missionary from South America came.
I gave him some money so lives would not be the same.
As I closed my checkbook, a topaz fell out.
The angel went flying, rejoicing with a shout!

One day my life came to an end.
I stood before God, alone without a friend.
God placed a crown with gems on my head.
The diamonds and rubies, for my works not dead!

Each deed we do for obedience sake,
Each prayer turns to a gem in our wake.
Though we cannot see the gems we acquire.
Their beauty withstands the purifying fire!

So remember when you grow weary and tired.
Your promise from God will not be expired.
One day a crown of gemstones so bright.
Will be placed on your head reflecting God's light!

© Peggikaye Eagler

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