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Friday, January 28, 2005

Pearls and Dreams

Pearls and Dreams

Don't know what it is ... but an 2 hours ago it was rain ...now all this white stuff is falling down ... big things, fluffy white ...looks like cotton balls ... just about as big too! About a half inch around!!!!! HUGE BIG WHITE THINGS

My grass is covered in the white stuff ...my porch is covered ... my car is covered! I have my mother's red car ... and you can't find the red because it's white!!!!

Why is there white stuff falling from my sky?????


  1. It fell from my sky too, all day long. Tomorrow morning I have to plow & blow it out of my driveway yet again. Have a good day. - woody

  2. Hi for the second time Dreaming Again, I just made a new post in my True Grit Blog and came across your comments on the bottom of the post about Jade. I have several peices of Jade from San Simeon beach, and I plan on going out there this summer to find some more.

    I messed around with the weather pixie, but I don't know if it fits in with what I want the Cheesebee Chronicles to look like. If I could find a weather druid......