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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Elephants Galore!

Pearls and Dreams

I went into the classroom, and the kids were all sitting in a circle. The teacher was just telling them that I was coming. She had them go to their desks. I went to the front and started to talk. I told them that I wasn't a lot older than they were when I started to collect. I then pulled out the sharks cartilege carving! ( I really wish I could figure out how to get pics on this blog!!!) They were really fascinated. One boy who was obviously the "Big man on campus/macho macho man" and he was all OOOHH COOL, showing off at how gruesome it must have been. When the carving got to him, he felt it, and got grossed out LOL he quickly handed it off to his neighbor and then just kept trying to shrug off the heebeegeebee's. So much for macho LOL They all really liked all the elephants, had a lot of good questions. We talked about elephants traveling in herds, the females are cows, males are bulls and the babies are calves. We talked about the difference between an Indian and African Elephant. One girl asked me how old I was, which really unerved the teacher. But she said "well, she said that she had been collecting since she was about 10, so if she's 40 then she's been collecting for 30 years!" The teacher was still telling her it wasn't polite, I was tickled to see her doing the math! I guess that's my years of homeschooling. I went to get my MRI done and they said it'd take about 15 to 20 min. But then they had to get an extra view and it wound up taking a whole 45 min. UGH. I find out 2 weeks from today I think, what the results are. Next Tuesday is my EMG to find out what the numbness and tingling is all about ... oh fun, stick a needle in my nerves and jolt it with electricity! That's my idea of fun ... NOT!!!!!!!


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