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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Somebody's Praying

Pearls and Dreams We are doing a prayer musical at church. A cantada. It's called Somebody's Praying Me Through. It is full of songs about prayer, and people praying for each other. For those on the worship team, we've heard the music for months now ... those in the choir have just heard it for the last month or so. I, being the worship team gopher, got to hear the music since last fall. I got the CD in early September. It struck a cord ... I was struggling ... I was working hard and pushing myself beyond any physical ability I could have imagined. It was too hot ...and my family life was tense ...and I was desperately trying to finish the hours toward our Habitat for Humanity house. We had to have 450 hours of sweat equity put in. In late August, we had 117 hours to go. I knew I needed to get those hours in before Christmas. I don't remember now, why before christmas, but there was some reason why ... I was under a lot of pressure. It might not seem like that much. But, when you consider we'd started in June the year before, and we still had 117 hours to go ... and well ... it was just too much. Top that off with the way things were so bad at home. Don and I not getting a long. The spiritual raising of my children resting on my shoulders. The right and wrong resting on my shoulders ...responsibility resting on my shoulders ... what I saw was a husband who only saw himself ..what I now know was a husband who was seeking so strongly to break the binds of his past that it took every ounce of energy he had to fix himself at that time ... the burden of the survival of my family weighed 100% on my shoulders. I had talked to my pastor ...and he agreed ... until my husband surrendered, there just wasn't much we could do. I argued with God one Sunday Morning ... God it's not just ...it's JUST NOT JUST (don't argue with God by the way, unless you're ready for him to argue back!) so, in praise and worship that morning we sing a song with the phrase "All your ways are Just oh Lord your Just in All your ways!" I can remember ducking as if waiting for lightening to strike for having thrown my tempertantrum with God! So, the worship team and the small group would pray for me for energy for my finishing up my Habitat hours. They'd faithfully ask me how the hours were coming, what I was doing at Habitat to work on the hours ..what was going on. They'd pray for me and the pressure I was under at home. They'd pray for my kids. I can remember one time breaking down ...one of the few times they saw ME ... and one girl, barely knew me ... praying that I'd always know that God was with me and that HE was in charge even when I felt like I was. That was a full year earlier, same feelings, same pressure, only 375 hours instead of 117 hours! So, here I was, a full year later, same group of people ...and same pressure, only magnified because all my Habitat classmates have not only finished their hours, but are getting their houses ... and I'm getting tired, and worn ... and weary ... and the worship team ...and our small group .. would pray for me. We heard the musical Somebody's Praying me through ... and I knew ... those last 117 hours were going to be done the same way the first few hundred had been ...on the prayers of my friends ... and then day by day ... hour by hour ... I managed to get it done. I didn't get much else done ... but I got the Habitat hours done ...and by the end of October. I finished and then we waited for the time when we'd get the house, and in the meantime, there was still my marriage ... and people still praying. So people prayed. If you've read my blog for the last couple of months ... you know, those prayers were answered too. Tonight in choir practice singing the words that carried me through those last months of last year ... the darkest year ... when I thought my marriage wasn't possibly going to make it ...when I thought my body couldn't possibly going to survive finishing my Habitat Hours .. when I thought I would loose everything ... and I didn't because someone was praying me through ... it is incredible to look around the choir and realize that sitting in the choir are people I've got the privilege of praying for ... my mom, my son, my neice, my sunday school class members, my friends, my worship team members, my worship team pastor ... they saved my life, my sanity ... my FAMILY with their prayers. Next year by this time, we should be in a brand new house ... with our brand new family ... and it's all, because somebody was praying me through. *******************************************************************************
Somebody's Praying Me Through Pressing over me like a big blue skyI know someone has me on their heart tonightThat's why I know it's gonna be alright'Cause somebody's praying me throughSomebody's praying me throughIt may be my Mother, it might be my DadOr an old friend I've forgot I hadBut whoever it is I'm so glad thatSomebody's praying me throughSomebody's praying me throughThrough the tears, through the rainThrough the sorrow, through the painIt keeps bringing me throughOver and over againSo when you're drowning in a sea of hurtAnd it feels like life couldn't get any worseThere's a blessing waiting to push back the curse'Cause somebody's praying you throughSomebody's praying you throughSomeone got down on their knees and prayed for meSomebody's, somebody's praying you through
Written by Darrell R. Brown and Ty Lacy© 2002 Almo Music Corp/Original Bliss Music (ASCAP) administered by Universal Music Group and Ariose Music (ASCAP) administered by EMI Christian Music Publishing.


  1. Well said, Pearlie.

    Of course, now we have to pray again, this time in Thanksgiving. And on to the next petition.

    Was it C.S. Lewis who complained that he could hardly keep all the petitioners straight?

    Oh,well. Practice should make perfect. God Bless!

  2. PK ... thank you for sharing that. It was beautiful!

  3. sounds like you have a lot going on! And that your church is doing exciting things to inspire!