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Monday, April 03, 2006

Count Down

Pearls and Dreams My surgery is scheduled for 6:15 at Hillcrest. I am always scheduled for inpatient, because of the possible complications with the myasthenia gravis. Today, at 4:15, my mother calls me and says that the pcp's office is trying to call me and has been trying all day, but has been unable to reach me. Allegedly, she'd tried to call me until 1 and got only a busy signal, and then tried on my cell phone and it was disconnected.(same receptionist who got annoyed with me last Wednesday when I gave her time and date for surgery and told her to let Dr. Shaw know, and remind her that ortho would be handing me off to her to admit, her response at the time was "call me dumb, but why are you not being done outpatient? why is this our problem?"

At any rate, the doctor was going to be off, and would be unable to admit me after my surgery, so I would need to call neurologist to admit me following the surgery for management of my MG.

First, no one had been on the phone all morning, and there had been 4 messages left on my answering machine. There is no way that she called 'several times' and got a busy signal. Second, cell phone is functioning fine ...and I'd gotten 6 phone calls on it this afternoon ... plus mom got through to give me message doc wasn't going to be there.

So I called the doc's office and receptionist who seemed shocked to hear from me. I informed her that both my phones have been working fine. I told her that there had been plenty of others who had reached me and no reason why she couldn't have. That 3 other doctor's the pharmacy and 2 friends had gotten through on my cellphone.

She said "Well , it doesn't matter, here's the situation"
So, I asked her to call the neuro's office, in addition to me calling the neuro's office. I did, and explained it to the nurse who I've dealt with for 14 years. She said that neuro doesn't admit unless it's his direct admit. I told her who at PCP's office waited till after 4 pm on the day before a 6:15 AM surgery to get this taken care of and her response was "oh that's a huge surprise! Like this is the first time she's caused this kind of chaos?"
We talked a bit, and she said that she did not think that he would admit me ...period. I had to be admitted and he had to be called in as consult. The ortho has to admit me and call him in as consult, or PCP does. Ortho had said he doesn't manage MG and will hand me off, not admit me.

So I called PCP's office back and told receptionist, she said that PCP would talk to neuro if necessary. By this time, it's 4:45 and I'm shaking ... worried.
I finally call the ortho's office and tell the surgery scheduler, she says "no biggie, he can admit you then call Dr. M, or if necessary, call the hospitalist who will call Dr. M, don't worry, you'll be admitted one way or the other and taken care of"

Suddenly, I could breathe.
I called my mom to tell her it was all worked out. I was going to call the PCP's office to tell her after I called my mom, but the phone rang while I was talking to mom (cell phone) PCP's office (huh? works now huh?) and she says that the PCP talked to neuro

He felt that my MG was stable enough that I would not need to be admitted!


Escuse me?
So, the plan ... to put me in recovery room to watch me, and then send me home if I'm ok. If not, they'll call PCP and she'll admit me by phone, then call in neuro to consult/manage.

PCP, is planning on admit because she doesn't think Pk will be ok. Ortho thinks Pk will need admit.

Fine, BUT Pk thought Pk would make it through surgery without needing admitting last June (Pk was wrong, but it was knee surgery and I had to be strong enough to not just walk, but walk on operated knee!)

WHOO HOO! I may be coming home tomorrow.
So, I may or may not be spending tomorrow night in Hillcrest medical center. :) Hopefully, home.

My husband is pitching a fit because he can't imagine it, but he doesn't live in my body and he doesn't realize that MOST of what gets to me these days is not my MG, but my lupus. I don't need to be admitted because of lupus complications but MG complications. MG OK ... then I don't need to stay.


  1. Geez, kid, is your every admission this complicated?

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Blessings and peace for your surgery.

    Quick recovery and back home soon.

    Have a good night and a blessed morning.


  3. Hope all is well.

    Holding you up in my prayers today.

  4. Hope everything went okay Pk. Will be thinking about you and hope you have a speedy recovery.

  5. Just wanted to stop by and tell you that I hope everything turned out good with the surgery. Hope you are soon feeling well.

  6. I hope your doing okay-be sure to rest and take your pain meds (joking!) but they make it easier for sure. I spent 10 days in Hillcrest Hospt(Tulsa) after a near fatal car accident (not my fault) I was life flighted there because all the others were full. I do not remember much, but it seemed like a decent hospital. I hope you get back to your old self soon. Hey-one more thing, how do you feel about Lewis the Cat in CT? I think its a darn shame! Heres his myspace site if you need a chuckle : )