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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Do you ever wonder?

Pearls and Dreams

Do you ever look at your counter stats and wonder if someone you know has found your blog? That's happened to me ...twice in 24 hours. Someone did a search on my husband's name. Was it a family member that we know? His brother or sister from out of state? His sister here? (hello? comment, email ... something ...)
Was it an old high school friend of his, or an old girlfriend (if so, leave a comment or email me, cause I know that he'd love to know he was being searched out .. PearlsOfAnEagle@aol.com)

Then there was the hit from a small unheard of town in another state. Only, I'd heard of the town. I have a brother there. Curious, was it a coincidence? Was it my brother? So, followed the link that the person clicked in ...and it led back to February of last year ... where the post about my step father's suicide (his father) ... Curiouser and Curiouser ... Mr Brother ...is that you? Do I owe you yet another cherry pie? Commenting or emailing me and saying you'd visited would have been nice ... ;)

Hey, while I'm thinking about it ... if you're a reader who comes, but doesn't comment, leave a comment to tell me where you're from, and what brought you here ... if you've just surfed by ... tell me what wave brought you in.

This is not an annonymous blog, by any means, so being found out was always a possibility. I've been found by people in my own town ... coincidentally we've read the same blogs by people in other places around the country and wound up reading each others ... it just is amazing how small this large world really is. Mr Disney had it right all along. I wonder what he'd think of how small the world is after all.

I'm amazed at the things that I find in common with people ..from where we live ... to interests ... to hidden fears ... sometimes we can get feeling so alone and that the world is a huge place that we'll get lost before we even reach the end of our block.

Then we get on the internet and find The Journey or Arthritis Rants or Dogscatskidslife and the strange things that bring us together. TJ and I found a strange thing in common this week in her kids going to a competition that I competed in 20 some odd years ago!

So, today, I'm contemplating how big, and how small the world is at the same time. I can go years between seeing my brother's face ... much too long. Yet ... talk to people all over the world on a daily basis ... I could talk to him too if he'd answer an email or two (hint: if this wasn't MHP but related to MHP tell MHP about this site)

It truly is a small world after all.


  1. Yes, it truly is a very small world ... and it seems to get smaller with every passing day.

    I hope that was your brother ... and that he emails you ...!

  2. yea, well, if it was ...and he doesn't ...no cherry pie for him! (or shoofly if I learn how to make it! ;) ...)

    of coarse, after 23 years of a promise of cherry pie, he may be getting a bit weary of the promise of cherry pie too ...

  3. What a great post! Who would've thought two people in Tulsa would be reading the same blog by a doctor in Philly lol. It really is something :)

  4. all that sitemeter stuff is fun!

  5. I don't leave comments often, but occasionally.

    Because of the nature of my blog, and my desire to maintain relative anonymity, I don't disclose my exact location, but I will tell you that you are no more than a day's drive away from me.