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Monday, April 17, 2006

Shoulder Update

Pearls and Dreams Cathy, thank you for asking! I saw the ortho on Friday. He was quite impressed by my range of motion (completely normal ... far more than I had before surgery) which, he said for 10 days out from surgery was incredible. I thought, given my range of motion, I was going to get out of physical therapy, I thought wrong. I will however, only get 6 weeks PT, instead of 9 to 12 weeks PT. He was going to order ROM (range of motion) and strength building ... so now it's just strength building. I told him I thought I was fine on my own and he informed me otherwise. He said that he'd had to put my shoulder back fully into the 'socket pocket' (love it when docs don't talk doc) where it belonged and he'd like it to stay there for a change. Since my shoulder had been relocated from subluxation more times than counted, dislocation a few times, and he's been the one to put it back in ...and the MRI nor xray showed it wasn't fully in ... he wasn't exactly thrilled to find it not sitting fully in the socket. However, I love PT ... it's working out to me ... call me crazy, I love to exercise. I know, I'm nuts. As long as it's not balance exercises ...and there won't be any for my shoulder ...and since it's strength building not ROM ... I think I'm going to have fun. Stop looking at me like that! I did find out that when they told me to wear the sling "as tolerated'' they did not mean go home, put the sling away and don't pick it back up again. He said, one of these days he'll learn to not use instructions with me like 'as tolerated' ... they meant ...when it's not supported or being used ...use the sling. Opps. That could explain why it still hurts a bit much. hmmm I have full range of motion too ...and they took off the end of my clavical bone ...wonder if that has anything to do with it? oh well ... ;) I tried on a gazillion outfits for Easter on Saturday... yikes! so I'm really sore today. Last pain killers I had left were last night ... tonight, is not a happy night. I don't think the really super hot record breaking temperatures (96) today helped any! This too, shall pass.


  1. I'm glad you've got your ROM ... and also glad that the doc didn't let you fall between the cracks ... *poke!*

    You know ... about the temperatures ... up here it's windy, and 58 degrees - with full sunshine. We are still running a kerosene heater to stay warm. Why don't send some of that heat up our way ... and we'll both be happy! ;o)

  2. Pk, I'm happy your doing so well...I, half way, agree with you about PT..I have always enjoyed it myself until this last surgery, the total knee. Well, it gave me a whole new definition of what pain really is..Your knee becomes like a child with behavior problems, it will not listen to either you or the therapist. You must force it to behave and start following with the program. It fights you every step of the way, but, you MUST prevail..

    You have been through so much, I'm always happy to hear when something is going good for you.

    BTW, I had an unusual experience at my PCPs just this morning.