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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Pearls and Dreams
So, I started to homeschooling my youngest son this week.

I've been afraid to forever.

He's wanted to be homeschooled from the beginning ... all his cousins are homeschooled, and his brother was homeschooled for most of his elementary and junior high years.

He's always felt a bit left out.

Given the problems with the school, both academically and safety wise, we decided to homeschool. With full encouragement of the principal and vice principal (what's wrong with THAT picture?).

So, I start off ..sick to my stomach ... I'm going to flop. I have had fears of homeschooling him for a reason!

I can't help this child who needs so much help! If professionals can't help him ..what makes me think I can?

I didn't even finish college! I have all of 26 hours!!!

I've been at home for the last too many years, and before that I was a stupid waitress! How can I teach this child who needs so much?

I start, I simply give him what I'd asked the teachers to give him.

I'm mad. He does it. He does it without help. He completes it. He gets 100% on all his work. He gets more done in 3 days than he has gotten done in who knows how long in school.

It's simple ... I gave it to him in bits, and pieces ...so that he's not overwhelmed ... a few math problems at a time instead of 35 problems at a time. Let him finish those and then do more.

Follow the IEP ...

I learned something too.

He has the heart of a writer!

How come they didn't know that?

He wrote an essay ... and then ... I corrected it, and he re wrote it, and when he saw his completed essay, without mistakes and grammatically correct ... the pride ...I haven't gotten to see that look on his face! He'd accomplished something!

His words meant something.

Pretty cool. I think he and I can do this homeschool thing!


  1. Enlist that young man into the wonderful world of blogging! He can do it in any fashion he likes, as often or as rarely as he likes, and he will know the world is watching. Or rather, reading.

  2. I started him one under my blogsets so I can help to monitor it ... http://peggikaye.blogspot.com/

    I have his first essay on there.

    Evidently, I also started another blog after I took ambien last night. I wonder what that was about!!! geesh! I knew I'd been thinking about it ..but huh?

  3. You can do it Peggikaye.

    You can do it.


  4. Homeschooling is wonderful!!! Just don't try to turn into public school at home... enjoy the freedom of learning 24/7 :-)

    - Ross in VA (with 32 hours of college)

  5. Well, PK, it all comes down to how much you care about your son's success. And no one cares about that more than you do!

    Have fun with it... and listen to your body when you need to take it in little bits too! :)