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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Good Morning

Pearls and Dreams We have a 12:30 appointment with the principal for Benjamin to give 'his side' of the story and for me to demand that they tell me just exactly how they can ensure his safety for the rest of the year. Both, emotionally, and physically. From teachers, and from students. I will be taking his IEP that they talked me into mailing to me because there weren't going to be any major changes (they lied) to it and since I needed to change the date ... (it was the day of my surgery) and they really didn't need to meet as a group (they did!) ... I will be asking him where the TEACHER'S requirements of meeting his needs are ... (they're gone from the IEP ... just that Benjamin will be sucessful in his work 70% of the time with a behavior modification plan. Which, by the way, is not in the IEP. NOTHING on how the teachers are going to help him MEET those goals!!!!) Uh ...um ..not acceptable!!! We're going to have a face to face IEP ... with a professional advocate ... sorry charlie (quite literally now that I think about it ...principal's first name ... Charlie, how ironic) So, we go in ... and tell them that they will be fixing all of this ..the bullying, the teacher's attitudes AND protecting my child ... or, I will do what I've never wanted to do ..and I will homeschool my child till we move. I homeschooled my oldest for 8 years. Inspite of my health. Granted, he didn't have learning disabilities so the fact that our resources were limited didn't matter ... but we did a darn good job with him ... he got the highest Pre ACT and Pre SAT scores in the school district ... after only being in that school for 41 weeks. I can't screw Bj up anymore than this school is doing!! Even if academically I keep him on the status quo and give him a safe, sound environment and build him up emotionally and spiritually and give him a work/study ethic ... he'll be ahead of the game!!! It hurts to look at the bruises on his face today. But he's smiling anyway. He'd rather not go to the meeting with me, but he has to give a written account of what happened ... and I want them to see the bruises ... and realize they did not protect my son. They were so determined to make a statement to the student body last week about all parties involved in an altercation ... that they got my son injured this week ... they need to know their refusal to make the right stand, cost a child something.


  1. Hang in there at that meeting Pk, and don't let up on them.

    You know, my children had learning disabilities too, plus the two younger ones had Asperger Syndrome to add to the mess ... but we got by more than fine just the same.

    They both scored amazingly, and my youngest hit the 95% in the country for the sciences, and the 97% in the country for social studies. His older brother had similar scores.

    Don't be afraid to homeschool a kid with a learning disability! It's the best chance you could ever given them.

  2. Dang.

    If we could get a school voucher program/law/legislation started, then these teachers and school administrators would learn how to earn their pay.

    Or lose their jobs.

    This has been a stressful time here for you.

    Make sure you get some rest...


  3. good luck on the meeting and wow thats pretty impressive results from being home schooled well done to both of you

  4. omg-bruises! poor kid, I am at a loss. I do not blame you for being angry. It should not be tolerated.